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BYOB in the Suburbs

Anyone recommend any BYOB in the suburbs? If so, what are their corkage fees.

I do know of Porchai (Thai in Wakefield-no corkage fee), Kyotoya (Japanese in Stoneham-no corkage fee), La Stanza Diva (Italian in Woburn-$3 corkage fee).

Any other out there?

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  1. Sweet Basil in Needham. Don't know corkage fee (small, if any).

    1. In Melrose, there is a small breakfasts/lunch place on WEst Emerson Street called Cedar Perk. On Friday, Sat and Sunday, the place is rented out by a chef, serving bistro style meals. It is BYOB- can't remember the corkage fee. Have been once, and the meal was wonderful. i think it is called Absolutely Fabulous Dinners. I called the Friday I was planning on going, and was able to make a reservation for two. Definitley plan on going back.

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        Their website (on Place page, linked) says corkage is either $2/glass or $5/bottle - not sure which is right.

        Absolutely Fabulous
        454 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176

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          Must be $5.00 per bottle, I know we did not pay 2 for each glass! Foog was great- my DC had beef tenderloin, and I had the seafood diablo. Well worth a visit.

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            They are relocating to a new place on Main Street (where Blues Diner was) and opening soon- according to their Facebook page they are renting "wine lockers" for their BYOB customers, although it sounds like they might be just about sold out.

            Blues Diner
            361 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151

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              I knew they were opening soon ( not at all sad to see the blues diner go!), Love the idea of wine lockers. When I was in Japan, my boss had a locker for his booze at a kariyoki bar in Osaka!

      2. Yama- a really decent Japenese restaurant in Wellesley Hills- across from Whole Foods and upstairs, is byob. Jimmy's Cafe on Linden Street (pretty casual- have not been in a long time) and Cafe Mangal, a charming small place near the post office in Welleley Center are BYOB.

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          Isn't Captain Marden's BYOB too?

          Captain Marden
          279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

        2. Great seafood and very casual and very reasonable, Causway in Gloucester. BYOB!

          1. This thread mentions Alia in Winthrop, corkage $3 according to treb


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              That's correct CVR, Alia in Winthrop on Shirley St., an excellent small Italian rest. Very reasonable entrees all under $20. and it's BYOB with a $3. corking fee, almost free!

            2. Le Siesta in Winthrop charges $3 for 2 people and $6 for 4 people.

              1. I highly recommend Kitchen on Common in Belmont.


                We had a lovely dinner there a few weeks ago with friends, and we brought a couple of bottles of our own wine. The menu changes based on what items are available locally at the time, so check the menu on on the website ahead of time to plan your wine selections. http://www.kitchenoncommon.com Also, the place is small, so go early or call ahead and have them put you on the wait list (esp on weekends). Plus, if your going on a Saturday and have to wait a bit, kill some time by heading up the street a few doors and check out the weekly wine tasting at Spirited Gourmet. http://www.thespiritedgourmet.com/bel...

                One down side--don't expect much in the way of dessert. The only offerings the night we were there was a plate of large cookies. One member of our party had the oatmeal raisin, which they warmed for him. It was tasty, but just not what I had in mind after such a lovely meal. The do seem to have an dessert case that is not currently operational, so I'm hoping they have plans to expand that part of the menu.

                1. byob, where they even heat up your sake (they have the cups and bottle for sake, regular soda glass if you bring beer, and if u bring wine, i'd bring your own bottle opener and wine glasses just in case, because im not sure about that. there is no charge for bringing alcohol.
                  small but cute and cozy.
                  price = cheap, sushi = fresh and big, variety = plenty. i could go on all day. they also give free bottomless hot tea, so it's easy to warm up.
                  recommended items: besides everything of course!
                  house salad- lettuce, carrots, cukes, tomatoes, tons of avocado, tempura flakes, sesame seeds, a dollop of mayo, a piece of shrimp and crabstick, and the best ginger dressing in the world (i promise) which he makes from scratch with 30 different ingredients and spices, i asked, lol
                  scallop tempura roll; summer maki- tempura fried sweet potato roll topped with spicy baked crabmeat, yummy; shrimp shumai ( tons of flavor jammed packed in a delicious little bundle). fried gyoza (fried perfectly everytime), tempura appetizer (light and delicious). salmon sashimi (fresh and melts in your mouth).
                  this will be the best sushi you'll ever have, and i've been to plenty of them, including the fancy shmancy places, and nothing tops the sushi corner!

                  Sushi Corner
                  18C Essex St, Melrose, MA 02176

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                    I wish I liked Sushi Corner as much as you do. I want to. But the sushi is never quite as good as Sushi Island in Wakefield (where Junji, the owner, worked before he opened this place). The fish is fresh enough, but there's a lack of artistry. I also find the atmosphere a bit cold (the tile floors don't help) and the service a bit flaky. If I want to go out for a meal that really wows me, I always head to Sushi Island instead because when I go to Sushi Corner, I wish I'd spent the extra money at Sushi Island. I do like them for takeout and for weekend lunches. I always forget that Sushi Corner is BYOB, and now that we've got a wine store just around the corner maybe I need to give another try for dinner.

                    Sushi Corner
                    18C Essex St, Melrose, MA 02176

                  2. This list won't be complete without mention of Filho's Cucina in Groton. A look at their webpage suggests that these people are passionate about food, but sit down for a meal and you'll know straight away that they can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. The ingredients are fresh and of a fine quality; the service is polite and efficient; the folks in the kitchen are skillful and extremely fast. Best of all for purposes of this thread, there's no need to BYOB. Walk through the back hallway into Groton Market, choose a bottle of wine from their ample selection, and walk back to your table. Glasses (not proper wine glasses-- you'll need to bring these) and openers are provided. There is no corkage fee (!).

                    Filho's Cucina
                    235 Main St, Groton, MA 01450

                    1. Best to be careful before listing places here. I know of many places in the suburbs who do this sort of thing "under the radar" cause they dont have a liquor license..

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                        I think places that DON'T have a liquor license can allow BYOB if the town/city gives the OK. I believe state law (abcc) doesn't allow places WITH a license to allow BYOB. At least that's how it was explained to me.
                        This thread explains it as well http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/518018

                        If your into drinking alcohol with breakfast or brunch, Arthur & Pats in Marshvegas doesn't discourage the practice