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Mar 6, 2008 09:05 AM

Pre and post dinner drinks

Hi fellow chowhounders,

Montrealer visiting Paris here... I have two night here, and following these boards and some friends advice, I'll be having dinner at Ze Kitchen Galerie and Le Comptoir (Hotel Relais Saint-Germain).

What would be your recommandations for pre and post dinner drinks for both those places ? I'm looking for quiet/soft music ambiance, so no night clubs... I heard good stuff about Alcazar, what's you're toughts ?

Thanks !

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  1. I really like the Café Laurent at the Hotel d'Aubusson, Rue Dauphine. Cozy, comfy piano bar, sometimes with live jazz music.

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      Oh yes, the Hôtel d'Aubusson is great.

    2. The bar at Alcazar does get a bit "night clubby" later in he evening, and is very quite earlier so I wouldn't recommend it.

      For Le Comptoir I always enjoyed a glass or three of wine at Fish in rue de Seine as they have a good selection of wine. There are also some pavement cafes between Le Comptoir and Fish that can be OK if the weather is good. I would avoid the couple of bars close to Le Comptoir as they are not great. Another good early evening drink is La Palette also in rue de Seine at 43, this is usually full of gallery owners and art students. Another option is Deux Maggots on Boulevard St Germain which is approx 10 mins walk from Le Comptoir - great for people watching.

      Sorry can't hep as much for ZKG, it is nearer the student area and the heavy tourist part of the Latin Quarter so the quality of bars drops off.

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        Comptoir is a good choice if you can get a table. If you are not staying at the Comptoir's hotel I wouldnt count on getting in for dinner. You might try lunch. But hotel guests can always get a table there. I have a friend who stays at that hotel just so he can eat there.

      2. If you like your drinks cheap and cheerful, and your music Piaf, Aznavour and Gainsbourg and love a crampy, hazy, gaslit room with old Comedie Francais posters on the walls, you must check out Bar Dix at 10 rue de l’Odéon, in the 6th. It is absolutely charming. They make their own sangria and it is both tasty and reasonably priced. It's homely and studenty and shabby chic; definitely a fantastic Rive Gauche experience.

        1. How about the cozy little bar de l'Hotel (the name of the hotel, in fact) for after--great for a cognac and five minutes on foot from l'Odeon and le Comptoir. Have a fun trip