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Mar 6, 2008 09:01 AM

restaurants near 64th and Park - moderate, intersting

4 of us are going to a concert near there and want to eat within walking distance (we can do a reasonable amount of walking). Any suggestions ?

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  1. It would be helpful to have a few more specifics in order to make appropriate suggestions. Do you have any cuisine preferences? Are you eating before the concert or after? And since my idea of moderate might not compute with yours, please provide a per person budget for food.

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      Before the concert. We're open as to cuisine. I'm not sure what moderate is either. Thanks

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        I think people's pocketbooks usually determine what "moderate" means to them. A good example is L'Absinthe, an excellent French bistro with very stylish ambiance, on 67th, b/t 2nd & 3rd. BratleFoodie says, " way L'Absinthe is moderate..." However, for me, it is. You can judge for yourself by checking out the menu and prices on their website.

        Sel & Poivre, on Lex, b.t 64th & 65th, is another French bistro. Charming and pleasant. The food's good, but not nearly on the same level as L'Absinthe. Much less expensive.

        Park Avenue Winter (Fall, Summer, Spring) is on 63rd, b/t Park & Lex. We had dinner there not long ago, and the New American cuisine was delish. I thought I would find the all-white decor chilly, but it turned out to be quite appealing. Upscale.

        Enjoy the concert and Bon Appetit!

    2. I like Fig & Olive very much. It is on 62nd and Lexington, you can check their webpage:

      1. If you can stand the attitude that some of the waiters have, you can try Meditteraneo on 2nd avenue and 66th street. The fresh pastas are very good and so are the salads. I recommend with the black linguini with shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce - delicious. The goat cheese salad with roasted plum tomatoes is also quite tasty. For dessert, if you like sorbert - the peach sorbet searved in the peach is the perfect ending to the meal.

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          I love the papparadelle with duck ragu and the tiramisu.

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            I second Mediterraneo. It gets nuts after 8 p.m., but great before. Super pastas and more. I just wish they delivered! I prefer them to Da Fillippo which costs more anyway.

            As for 'Moderate' there is no way L'Absinthe is moderate which is too bad, as it is the compete French experience. Yum fun!

            There are a bunch of very good Indians on 58th bet Lex/3rd. Chola is my fave.

            There are some good "ethnic" choices in the 70s on 2nd. Afghan Kebab and Persepolis rock. Uskudar turkish is good too.

            Cafe Evergreen at 1288 1st Ave at 69th St is good oriental. I love their veggie Mu Shu.

            Cafe Mingala is Burmese. I like it lots. Brilliant value, and super food!

            Bella Blu on Lex bet 70/71 is fine for bistro.

            For something different, call the Central Park Boathouse and see if they are open, and how to get there! Lovely setting in the park.

            Grace's Trattoria is great, but might not fit your budget.

          2. Seconding alot of the suggestions here -- cafe mingala, afghan kebab & uskudar are excellent ethnic choices (burmese, afghan, turkish). mediterraneo also has great atmosphere and food.
            if you're going more upscale, park avenue cafe is right there (now that they're doing the new-fangled new restaurant every season thing). Maya (pseudo-Mexican) is also quite delicious. If you want to go touristy, there's Serendipity 3 closeby. And there's about a million nice sushi places if you go just a little bit East from Park, for some reason.

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              maya is not pseudo mexican.. it just isn't mexican street food. it is mexican food by a mexican chef. how is it in any way pseudo?

            2. A new restaurant that just opened last year is Accademia di Vino, great Italian, pastas, thin crust pizza. The atmosphere is so cozy and fun. Great wine list. Go here, you won't be dissapointed.