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Mar 6, 2008 08:55 AM

Sliders in Portland?

I am heading down to Portland this weekend and I should arrive on Friday just in time for happy hour. I am looking for some really good sliders and possibly a good selection of beers. Thanks in advance

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  1. Happy Hour is quite popular in Portland. Is there a particular neighborhood where you want to be near?

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      Well, our final destination will be the Hawthorne District, so any neighborhoods close to that would be great. Thanks

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        Don't know about "sliders" per se; there is some "hamburgers in PDX" thread from a few months back that lists some happy-hour deals on burgers.

        Since you'll be in the Hawthorne Dist., a good nexus of greasy burgers and pizza, and watery microbrew is McMinnamen's. One is on about 37th and Hawthorne, next to Baghad theater. Nice, faux-funky atmosphere, OK food, but the beer generally isn't the best. They are the Micky D's or Starbucks of brewing in PDX.

        Up Hawthorne about 10 blocks is the Iron Horse (?) pub, an English pub with a lot of beer choices. Think you can get food there also.

        Down Hawthorne on 9th, there is the Lucky Labrador brewpub. I've
        enjoyed their beer and food in the past.

        There is also a brewpub with an Irish name in the Woodstock area (about 43rd and Woodstock). They have decent food and a good selection of beers. This is in SE PDX, but a ways over on 39th from Hawthorne. Just a block up from there is another bar serving good local brews, and apparently has good sandwiches too.

        My favorite microbrew places, which make their own hooch are:

        Portland Brewing (off of NW Burnside, not far from Powell's books)
        However, I haven't been there for a while. It may have changed to
        McTarnahan's, which is on NW 31st. Anybody know the skivvy on this?

        Bridgeport Brewery in/near the Pearl Dist (1313 NW Marshall). Very good beer and pizza. They close early, however, most nights, unless they have expanded their hours.

        Tugboat Brewery downtown off SW Broadway, near Burnside (711 SW Ankeny). Kinda a divey place, but the pints are cheap and delicious. Had a fabulous rye beer there once. They also have pub food fare. And just two doors down is Mary's, the diviest of strip bars -- if that floats your boat, and if it still exists, the Church of Elvis is also in the immediate vicinity. Don't leave stuff in your car in this neighborhood, but otherwise you're safe.

        In fact-checking I came across a good PDX beer portal:
        which yielded a couple more places:

        Not too far from the Hawthorne Dist. is Laurelwood Brewery (5115 NE Sandy Blvd), but I don't know anything about it.

        Hair of the Dog brewery (4509 SE 23rd Avenue) this should be close
        to the Hawthorne area. Again, haven't tried it myself.

        In fact-checking I came across a good PDX beer portal:

        It has a lot of Rose City (is PDX now being stumptown?) breweries I knew nothing of.

        As for sliders and such, do a search on hamburgers/PDX.
        Alas, most of the old-school burger drive-ins in PDX are no

        1. re: Dr Chow

          I'm sure that the OP's weekend has come and gone, but there are a couple of inaccuracies here:
          Hair of the Dog does not have a brewpub, just a brewery.
          The 24 Hour Church of Elvis used to be near Tugboat Brewery, sadly, it has not existed there for several years (they do have a website:

    2. Well, for beer selection, I was mighty impressed at the selection at Henry's.
      They had a good happy hour menu, but I don't remember if sliders were on it.

      1. A good site for checking hours and getting addresses and looking at website menus for happy hours is urban drinks. it's a nice resource.

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        1. re: duckduck

 is another good resource for figuring out happy hours and other things about local watering holes. Of the 1986453204418 things (okay, I exaggerate...a little) you can filter bars by, though, I'm not sure "sliders on the happy hour menu" is one of the options.

        2. They have good sliders at Ten-01, but it's in the Pearl, not near Hawthorne. However, I thought their happy hour was great, so may be worth it anyway.
          Their truffle fries are fantastic.

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          1. re: ScarletB

            And their tater tots, too. This was going to my suggestion also, but it unfortunately it's not near Hawthorne.

            If I'm arriving at Hawthorne, I'd head to Apizza Scholls, but that's me.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Hell yeah, and screw the sliders ;)

          2. Just had sliders this weekend at the maiden in the mist.
            It's a very cool nautical(ish) bar run but the same people who run the sapphire hotel.

            very tasty with my scotch.

            639 SE Morrison Street
            Portland, Oregon 97214