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Mar 6, 2008 08:43 AM

Kosher in Ohio??

Alas, after several incarnations (Martin's then Bexley Kosher Market), we will be without a kosher grocery store in Columbus. They are closing March 21, which is really bad timing as it is just as folks will begin to buy their Pesach staples. The Kroger near us is hoping to pick up the slack by creating a kosher area, but it won't be ready until April 18 (1st Seder is April 19).

So, where else in Ohio can I go to buy all the staples, particularly kosher for Pesach baked goods, as I despise baking for Pesach? Thanks!

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  1. In Cleveland, Ungar's on South Taylor is great they get a lot from Israel in the baked goods area. Big box discounters, such as BJs and Sam's club here in Florida have their things out already. I suggest you do a Sunday drive up to Cleveland to the Beachwood/Cleveland Heights area. The important thing to note (as one who has to go to Miami now to get supplies from Tampa) is that you need to take your recipes out, think about the week and really remember the staples you will need that you can't find last minute.

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      Thanks! That will be a long distance discussion with my mother in Tamarc, FL as to what the menus will be for the 2 Seders. Of all the all Jewish holidays, Pesach is my least favorite as it is difficult to make much in advance and the flour/bread restriction puts a crimp on dessert. I usually do a lemon curd sauce over berries one night and pareve chocolate mouse for another, but was hoping to buy some pre-made stuff this year. Will give Ungar's a call before we head up to Cleveland.

    2. I can’t imagine living in a Jewish community and not have access to kosher foods, Let alone having no kosher food for Passover. I’ve dealt with this one company that ships kosher foods which might be of some assistance. They can get you whatever you need (Kosher for Passover items or otherwise) They can be found online at One point of advice, If you know of something that you don’t see on the site, send them an email or call them up and ask them directly. They have helped get me some oddball products in the past. Great stuff.

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        Ryan, don't want to give you the impression there is no kosher food or kosher for Passover food in Columbus. Both Kroger and Giant Eagle have kosher sections with staples like matzo meal, cake meal, potato starch, gefilte fish, etc. from the big suppliers like Streit's, Manischewitz, etc. We are/were spoiled in that we also had a kosher grocery store which carried more esoteric ingredients, more varieties of gefilte fish, kosher deli and meat. There is also a kosher bakery, but he doesn't kasher for Pesach. There are about 26,000 Jews in Columbus, Ohio - you would think we could support more Jewish oriented stores.

        1. What is it with Kosher in Ohio? I live in Cincinnati, and as of now we have to rely on Bigg's Hypermart for all Kosher products and meats. They do far better than Kroger's does, but still. I miss our local kosher grocery stores.