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Mar 6, 2008 08:42 AM

Foreman Grill vs Toaster Oven - which one should i get?

So here's the problem: I live in a residence with no kitchen and I'm totally sick of the cafe food. And since I can't afford to go out often, I want to purchase either a foreman grill or a toaster oven to use to cook in my room. I'll be cooking meat (steaks, chicken legs/wings, salmon, etc) 6 out of the 7 days of the week but, so the better option [I assume] would be the foreman grill. But I also enjoy baking, and various other non-grill cooking, which I would about once or twice a week, so the toaster oven would fit here nicely.

So what do you guys think I should do? Does meat taste just as good in the toaster oven as it does on the foreman or should I just stick with the foreman and forget about my intrinsic cooking...

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  1. I don't have a GF, but I love, love, love my toaster oven. I have one at home and one at the office and over the years I've learned to make most anything in it.

    1. i have both, and use my toaster oven on a daily basis while my foreman grill hasn't come out of the cupboard in over a year. i totally agree with janet, you can make almost anything in them.
      if you're really need a grill option, get a cast iron grill pan, they take up less room and will get you as good of a grill effect as the foreman IMHO!

      1. i, on the other hand could not live w/out my GF. i use it quite a lot, mostly for grilling vegetables and chicken breasts. I wouldn't do a steak on it although I do pork chops. Not sure how fish would fare either. But it's very useful and perfect for one person when i don't feel like getting a bunch of dishes dirty, it's quick and easy.

        1. My vote is for the toaster oven. we've done steak, salmon, sausages, appetizers etc in our Krups toaster oven. It also makes a mean tuna melt :)

          (you might want to post this query on the Cookware baord as well)

          1. I have a foreman grill, which was mainly used by one family member who would eat boneless, skinless chicken ERERY night cooked on the grill. When my toaster oven went, I bought a inexpensive convection oven. It ia a Hamilton Beach, and even came with a rotisserie. I bought it at Kohls, on sale and paid about $80.00. It has two racks, a convection setting, and I love it. I have roasted meats and vegetables, baked bread and pastries, broiled burgers and fish . It has a setting for baking, convection and broiling. I have had it for more than two years now. Much better than a toaster oven- the temp. setting goes up to either 450 or 500 degrees. Size is great- fites two 12 inch pizza's.

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              One thing not mentioned is the need for a hood/ fan. I wouldn't use my foreman without one. I cover my stove in newspaper and then cook with the foreman on top- roll up easy to clean and a nice fan exhaust. I love my foreman, but am afraid it hasn't come out of my cupboard in close to a year. I have a foreman roaster that I love- but that really needs a exhaust!

              A toaster oven would probably serve you better.