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Mar 6, 2008 08:18 AM

Single dining in Tampa

Need a rec for dining alone in Tampa. Is there a bar where a single diner can eat at Bern's? If I wanted to go more casual, is there a great burger or bar food place? Any other options come to mind?

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  1. I think Bern's has a really good steak sandwich that is only available in their bar area! I have never had it but that's the rumor ; )

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    1. re: rhnault

      I think Marco is still at the bar at Bern's......he'll treat you right.

    2. If you're in that area- you can also do solo dining at the bar at 717 south or Mangroves

      1. The bar at Sidebern's is great for singles IMHO - more casual than Bern's but a real treat, and it's easy to sit on your own and get small plates. Great by the glass wine list too.

        1. Every place on South Howard is good for single dining. If you go on a weekend night, you may not be single when you leave. wink wink nudge nudge
          They all have bars, if that is where you choose to sit.
          Ceviches would be good if you wanted to meet people. Don't go to MacDinton's unless your are 24 or younger. It will just annoy you otherwise. Mangroves has great crab cakes. SideBern's is a to-be-seen spot but offers good food, love the Curry the Royal Thai Palace and it is dirt cheap.

          1. I'm not sure about the criteria here--- what are you looking for? a place to mingle? I dine virtually everywhere alone at some point and never had problems. Gino's in Tampa (forest hills) has been a fave of mine: great burgers and good italian american. most places for singles just irritate me, so i just go and dine alone, with no embarrasment.

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              Exactly... There's not a restaurant on the planet where I wouldn't pop into on my own... I've done it so often it's like nothing to me...
              I don't always--- I'm married, but I'm always driving around...

              Blumie, are you 'from' Tampa?
              Cause you can just pick a place from any of the Tampa threads...

              And cheer up!
              You're a Chowhound for the love of Pete!

              1. re: Mild Bill

                Um, folks, I don't know if 'Blumie' is male or female ... but Andy and Bill might have a slightly skewed perspective compared to the other 52% of us. I eat alone lots and lots - but I do know that there are restaurants where I am comfortable doing so and others where my going in as a woman on her own is taken as open season for others to impose unwanted company. Some places are well set up to just do your own thing and others are not and invite unwanted attention, at least for females (and trust me I am a dorky professor and don't go out to eat looking like I am in the market for attention).

                For example when I first moved to Tampa and didn't know better I made the terrible mistake of going to Rick's on the River on my own, because I thought the river was pretty. In retrospect I should have known better from the look of the place.

                Of course we can't tell from Blumie's post whether s/he is looking to avoid attention or, quite the opposite, to find people to mingle with. So I agree with Andy that the post was unclear about what it was looking for.

                1. re: rebecca.kukla

                  Very good point... I thought about asking M/F(?) but it got past me...
                  And all the Blumies I've ever known were dudes... ;-)