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Mar 6, 2008 08:15 AM

Chocolate Freak Tour

If you were trying to impress a friend with uniquely fabulous Los Angeles chocolate treats, what would be your top 3 choices? thanks

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  1. first thing that comes to mind: josie's chocolate bread pudding. *droOL*

    1. Chocolate cupcakes and cookies at Leda's

      Chocolate pastreies at Natas'

      Chocolate Croissant at..well, thats a largish debate.

      Comparte's Chocolates

      Scamper through Boule

      Chocolat the restaurant (not as good as I'd want, though)

      Mole from the great mole place..god, what's the name?

      oh, god, let me think...

      I can never stick to just three.

      1. I haven't been in, but there is a Leonidas on Colorado in Pasadena. Can't attest to the cafe, but I've eaten the pralines/chocolates and they are yummy!

        1. You can go to the Brentwood Country Mart (26th and San Vicente in Brentwood). Start with some Mole chicken tacos at Frida. After your mole fix you can walk about 30 feet to City Bakery for a hot chocolate and a melted chocolate cookie. Finally, you can roll yourself about 20 feet over to Edelweiss Chocolates for a chocolate covered marshmallow.

          1. Boule
            Jin Patisserie