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Mar 6, 2008 07:46 AM

Rick's Restaurant - 30th and Taraval

So I was a good guy and bought a goft certificate for Rick's at a Charity event.
Anyone been? What did you like?
I understand that they have live Hawaiian Music on the weekends - but how's the food? Thanks.

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  1. Bob,
    There are quite a number of people's on Chowhoumd

    In the search box above...just type "Rick's Taraval" and you will have quite a few to wade through...

    1. Rick's can probably be summarized as a good, very solid neighborhood place serving steaks, chops, etc. Nothing mind-blowing but everything well prepared. It's clean, comfortable and in good shape. They do a Hawaiian dinner once a mouth..I thought it was okay, quality ingredients but on the expensive side for Hawaiian. If nothing else, you could drink your GC since it has a bar.

      1. I've never eaten at Rick's, but I've had lots of fine rum drinks at the bar waiting to get in at Shin Toe Bul Yi across the street. Assuming Maui Mike is still there, let him make you anything he recommends.