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Mar 6, 2008 07:26 AM

Good delivery food around W 59th and 10th

Hello Everybody
We just moved to new neighborhood, W 59th street and 10th Avenue and are looking for suggestions for best delivery food in the area. We like all cuisines especially Thai and indian but don't like chinese.
Also what kind of restaurants should we try to have dinner in the neighborhood. I heard Masa and Per Se are great so is Aisate, and I am looking to get reservations. Any others?

Thank you for your suggestions!

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  1. For Pizza delivery go with Sacco on 9th Ave and 55th Street. Other sold delivery options are Vynl Diner, Eatery, Hayashi Ya and Burrito Box. Hit and browse in the West 50s.
    Some good neighborhood places in your direct nabe are The Greek Kitchen on 58th and 10th and Whym on 9th Ave between 57th and 58th. For more upscale you could go with Blue Ribbon on 58th in the 6 Hotel or something in Time Warner like Porter House or Bar Masa.

    1. I haven't been in a few months, but I work in the area and sometimes eat at Route 66 Cafe on 9th and 56th. Sort of a diner, but not really a diner.

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        Route 66 just completely renovated itself, so now it's even less a diner than before. It seems to want to compete with Eatery, for it has that mildly upscale vibe. Can't say if the food is any different though.

        For Thai, Wondee is pretty much the only game in town. I feel you get better food if you eat in. Haven't found a decent Indian place in Hell's kitchen, but I gave up trying about 2 years ago. There are good Mexican places that will deliver: del Valle and Huitzlacoche. Well, the latter delivers for sure; I guess I've never gotten delivery from the former, but they are a block apart, so...

      2. For delivery, look into Empanada Mama, Pam's Real Thai, and possibly Kyotofu. I also second banquo's Wondee Siam and Mexican suggestions.

        The only halfway decent Indian place I know of in the area is Sapphire.

        Popular restaurants near you:

        Cafe Gray
        Cafe Rhonda
        Vince & Eddie's
        Rosa Mexicano

        Be careful with Masa. The main restaurant is alright (though not nearly the best sushi or sashimi you'll find in town and very much overpriced). Bar Masa, however, is terrible.

        If you want sushi, walk a little further to Shimizu and have the omikase.

        Now some unasked for advice: the grocery stores in the area are dreadful. There's a Gristedes and a Western Market. For Latin products like masa meal and corn tortillas, produce / herbs, and yogurt, go to Western Market. Go to Gristedes for... hmm... nothing, really. I really dislike that store. Take a trip to Fairway a little further north of you, if you can, but be forewarned, it gets verrry crowded on weekends.