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Mar 6, 2008 07:09 AM

Food Media: Your Top Three Blogs?

Maybe you're like me. On your computer desktop at work, you've got your Excel, your access database(s), your Oracle calendar, your thunderbird email, your Gmail, your Word, and then, minimized at the bottom of the screen, you've got a blog about bento boxes. Or cooking an octopus. Or how to make your own bagels.

So. What /your/ top three food blogs? The ones you check right after you check your email? You can only pick three.

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  1. Okay! My top three are:


    Great recipes, great information on packing your own lunch (in which I am a firm believer) bento-style, and a focus on healthy eating. Also, de-mystifies some of those alluring Japanese grocery store products.


    Oh my G, I am excited to tears about Mark Bittman's blog. He posts all the time, too, which is great. And you can comment back at him! What a sassy, smart guy.


    Sort of a catch-all blog with many contributors. Rounds up other food blog news. Good pictures. Sort of trendy.

    1. I have an RSS feed for the following blogs:
      1. Michael Rhulman - love reading his essays, for that's what they are.

      2. Nook and Pantry - a beautiful site. Her name is Amy, she's of Chinese heritage thus many of her recipes are Asian. However there's a good balance of other cuisines as well. I found her when I was searching for Fuchsia Dunlop.

      3. 101 Cookbooks, Heidi Swanson's blog. What is there to say about Heidi? To read her is to love her. Her notes about the recipes are so informative and the recipes I have made are easy to follow and delicious.

      Too bad I can't mention A Goddess in the Kitchen or Leite's Cullinaria. Oh shucks.

      1. 1.

        Food In Houston - a local blog from two Houstonians devoted (mostly) to thoughtful restaurant reviews. I go to it every day in great anticipation of their next post.


        Small Bites - In my opinion the most accessible nutrition blog out there, and Andy's advice is so spot on. But after I read this one, then I turn to...


        The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and just. drool. Ree can easily out-Paula Ms. Deen any day, but her recipes are so tempting (and in some cases I can even vouch that they're good).

        1. Becks & Posh, Chez Pim, Chocolate & Zucchini.

            Well written & researched history, trivia & regional European cooking styles

            Charming journey of exposing a family's children to new veggies, recipes & cultures

            Adventures in offal, focusing on cooking the entire St.John's “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating“

            What a challenge! There are so many good ones & new discoveries daily...

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              Wow, thanks for the mention meatn3! I greatly appreciate it. :)