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Mar 6, 2008 07:06 AM

Least expensive hotel for pesach

I am looking for the least expensive, or a very reasonable priced Pesach program.

Requirements are.
(1)Daily minyan, a shir or two during shabbos/yom tov would be nice.
(2)Three square meals a day, a kiddush after davening for shabbos/yom tovim would be nice.
(3)Tea room would be nice, 24 hour NOT required.
(4) Not far from NYC since I do not need to factor in air fare and this way I can use my car.

I do not require any extras or entertainment, I have a car, gps, and can drive to anything that I want to do.

There must be a market for people who don't want the cooking, shopping cleaning etc that goes along with making pesach at home. I am looking for a home away from home, not a five star vacation.

Years ago there was a hotel called the Lakehouse Hotel. My family went there, 6 people, two rooms; cost us $2,000 for pesach. Two years ago I had my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter stay at the Prima Kings in Jerusalem for pesach, half board, for a total of $1,300. It’s a shame air fare to Israel is so high during pesach since there are such great deals over there.

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  1. I don't know the logistics of how to do this,
    but many single friends have in the past;

    rent a small apartment with a kitchen walking distance from all the Kosher hotels on Collin's Avenue in Miami Beach (which is also walking distance from South Beach). there are plenty of Kosher for Pessach shopping nearby, and many hotels will sell individual meals to locals. some hotels even allow non-guests to lounge on their premises, and attend services, programming and lectures. with the real estate market down there in the toilet, there should be lots of nice furnished places available.

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    1. re: Joe Berger

      Sounds like too much work, kitchen has to be kashered, must buy cooking utensils, must still shop and cook. Eating at hotels is probably a fortune. I am not looking for the absolute cheapest option, but an inexpensive Hotel/program option. What I don't need is the schmaltz that most of the advertised placed having, you know, "gourmet meals", entertainment, golfing, spas, etc...

      1. re: MartyB

        You could also call Lasko Tours--I think they had a meals only program in Miami Beach, with an inexpensive (for Pesach!) (or maybe you could book your own) hotel.

        1. re: tomby

          "meals only program", what a great idea! I hope it really does exist, and is reasonable.

          1. re: MartyB

            It definitely existed two years ago, and I think it was around $2000 ish with all the taxes--maybe less.

            1. re: tomby

              WOW, for food only? There are programs that give you everything for around $1600. Looking to do ALOT better.

      2. re: Joe Berger

        Real Estate in the prime Miami Beach area is not "down in the toilet." In the $1m plus sales range there is some slowing, and in the ex-swampland developments, yes, but not in MB in the rental market. Anyhoo, there is I think a Quality Inn in Lakewood, or in the Catskills.

        1. re: Joe Berger


          Marty B wanted somthing close to NYC...

        2. If you don't need any fancy place, here is my suggestions:
          Capitol Hotel
          325 Seventh St.
          Lakewood, NJ 08701

          Ground Floor Rooms
          Door to Door Transportation
          Family Discounts
          Rabbi David Hollander, Scholar-in-Residence
          Rabbi Avraham Trepp, Chazon Entire Yom Tov

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          1. re: Kosher Travel

            Capitol Hotel's price went up an astounding 40% this year compared to last years. From $1000 to $1400. Will check out Oppenheimer’s next.

          2. One more...

            Oppenheimer’s Regis Hotel
            Fleischmanns, NY 12430

            PESACH 2008
            Shmura Matzos Only
            Non Gebrokts Only
            Chassidishe Schechita
            Glatt Kosher
            Cholov Yisroel
            Kashrus Supervised by Rabbinate K’hal Adath Jeshrun

            Daf Yomi & Shiurim Daily

            Call: 732-363-7839

            These are both simple and decent places. No Chol Hamoed Extraganvasampalanka outings, etc.

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            1. re: Kosher Travel

              I would not qualify Oppenheimer's as decent. Someone close to me was there for a Shabbos . There was no hot water at all and the toilet was coming out the wall. There was also no heat.

              1. re: Kosher Travel

                Thanks for the tips, I will give them a all, now that you mentioned them, I do recall they had small ads in the Jewish press, not the huge full/half page spreads that the expensive places have. Hopefully the price of the program reflects the size of their ads :)

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. I believe that the Katz Family has good deals, and they say they are just 30 minutes from NYC.. you can check the info out at


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                  1. re: crazykosher

                    Out of his price range--over $2000 not including the tax.