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Mar 6, 2008 06:46 AM

Ramen near Bryant Park?

I have a meeting in midtown today (42nd and 5th) and looking for a decent ramen place within a four/five block radius. Any thoughts?

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  1. sapparo at 152 W 49th St is good
    if you can't go that far, cafe duke at 41st and broadway has ramen - can't speak to the quality as i haven't tried it

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    1. re: aahnnt

      Is cafe duke a ramen shop? japanese restaurant/grocery? I have never heard of it.

      Sapparo is very good, but I think its too far away for today. Usually, I like Men Kui Tei, but that is also too far away.

      1. re: TJ47

        cafe duke is a deli. it has a sushi/ramen section. they also have every other item a deli would have. it can get crowded but it is a good spot.

        i believe when travpard said japanese trifecta he meant there are a handful or 3 japanese mrkt/restaurants on the block.

    2. dishes on 43rd btwn 5th & madison makes a good asian noodle soup. it is pricy but delicious. better then duke's but you are paying for it.

      1. 41st between 5th & Mad has the "Japanese Trifecta."

        I forget the name of it, but the japanese grocery store (the one closest to madison) has good soba and udon.

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        1. re: travpard

          there are 2 places. one is the parket that travpard mentioned. never been but here they make good things. next store is a choiyshi? i always get the spicy miso soup but they do make other soups.

          1. re: travpard

            what is the japanese trifecta? Are the japanese trifect and the grocery store the same thing?

            1. re: TJ47

              there are 3 different places.

              the grocery place, chiyoda, and cafe zaiya.

              1. re: travpard

                Yagura, just down the street from Cafe Zaiya, also has cooked food and might have a reasonable simulacrum of ramen.

          2. Thanks all - I checked out 41st street. A ton of good stuff there, but no ramen. While there, I remembered the kwik cart on 45th and 6th avenue, so I headed over there. Great lamb/chicken over rice.

            1. Obviously too late. There's a Menchanko Tei on 43rd or 44th between 3rd and Lex. It may have been too far for you to walk anyway, being on the other side of Grand Central from you.