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Mar 6, 2008 06:15 AM

one night in Jackson, MS-Walker's?

Will be in Jackson for an event this Friday and did a quick perusal of the board a few days ago. Using that, made late dinner plans for Walker's Drive Inn. Best bet?

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  1. That would be as good a choice as any. They are on the expensive side for this area, but very good...

    1. My favorite restaurant in Jackson in Spice Avenue. It's a little Indian restaurant on the west frontage road (I-55) just before Northside Drive (and right after IHOP and the cosmetology school). I just think it's the best food in Jackson.

      Walkers is very good but expensive and a little too frou frou for me. In a previous incarnation, the food was a little more stripped down and the Redfish Anna with the crab claws appetizers was one of the best meals in town.

      Spice Avenue isn't big on atmosphere but if you like really good food, you'll love it. Also, they'll do some Indian Asian fusion cooking for you if you ask. Not on the menu but last night we had chicken cooked in a chili garlic sauce. It was fiery and delicious. Then they mentioned they could do that with shrimp, too, which sounds heavenly.

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      1. re: JaneWinston

        Walker's is my favorite spot in Jackson. Too "frou frou"? It's loud and fun in there.

        1. re: fat harry

          I should have specified that the food is a little frou frou and, by that, I mean that the food is kinda fussy for my tastes. But I prefer Crechale's snapper in butter- wine sauce to a fish that's fancied up with so many ingredients that it takes the server five minutes to describe them. Just a personal preference, that's all.

        2. re: JaneWinston

          Thanks, Spice Avenue sounds great but I am traveling with a friend that is not an Indian food fan. So I guess Walker's may be our best bet. Staying at the Hilton but we have a car so should be fine. Thanks for the replies

          1. re: JaneWinston

            I have to ask- you say that Spice Avenue is "not big on atmosphere", but have they improved any at all? Last time I was there, it looked like they were using some old coolers and shelves from a closed down convenience store and a couple of old tables and chairs from Goodwill!

            The food was fine, though best in Jackson is debatable- but I don't know that I would go and tell a stranger about Spice Avenue without full disclosure on what to expect!

            1. re: Clarkafella

              I completely agree. The food is fine and well-seasoned, but best in Jackson? Best Indian, probably, but not best in Jackson. And the "atmosphere" is like a Bombay slum.

              1. re: Clarkafella

                Spice Avenue is fixing the premises up. I sorta enjoy the way it looks, though, because it is an unpretentious setting for unpretentious - but really great - food.

                What do you guys think is the best food in Jackson? Does it have to be a really fancy place to get your vote for best food? Personally, I'm not into places that are about serving Colorado Elk. And after getting hooked on Crechale's/Marcel's red snapper, I just don't want any fussy fish entree (Mik and Mott's was the worst offender there).

                1. re: JaneWinston

                  Well it certainly is unpretentious- I'll give you that! I felt like they just put a couple of tables into their store and added "restaurant" to their name. I enjoyed the food very much, though I like the naan from down the street a little better...

                  As far as best food in Jackson, that would be really hard to narrrow down without using categories. I like the pizza at Sal and Mookies, the Italian at Rossini's in Ridgeland (can we count the 'burbs here?), the crawfish from Mudbugs, the burgers from Stamps or Cool Al's (though the Deerfield Mini-mart is damn good), Crechale's for atmosphere, Vasillio's for fish and shrimp (though the portions keep getting smaller), the place on County Line for sushi, Primo's for breakfast, Golden Dragon for Chinese (Steak and Shrimp Kew for two only- not sure if it is anything authentic, but it sure is good, and a bargain at $23.00 for two people!), anywhere for Mexican- not enough difference in any of them...

                  Did I leave anything out?

                  1. re: Clarkafella

                    That is just what Spice Avenue did, started out with a grocery store and added tables but I've talked to the owner and his passion is food. They've been phasing out the groceries and adding more tables. They got a write up in the med school newsletter a few months ago and the author of that piece felt like I do - that the food is to die for. It's great food in a Jane and Michael Stern kinda atmosphere. And as for that other Indian restaurant, it got really bad. No comparison.

                    I used to go to Golden Dragon when it was on North State and then in Maywood and I don't get the worship. And I've ordered off the menu before. I waited tables at House of Wong and that was primo Chinese food. Now I go to P F Changs which is really good even though a chain.

                    I think Trio has really good food at non-Schimmels prices. The food at Elixir is really, really good. Love their redfish bruschetta and I just noticed on their menu (via the internet) a crispy gulf snapper that sounds really tasty.

                    I like the hamburgers at Hickory Pit (good comeback too). Steve's deli has the best food when it comes to downtown.

                    What Jackson seems to be missing is a really affordable family style place that isn't a chain or a buffet that has comfort food like meatloaf and chicken pot pie. I see places like that on the food channel all the time and wonder why we don't have anything like that.

                    1. re: JaneWinston

                      Curious about something, Jane- do you post on the JFP web site? If not, someone over there shares your passion for Spice Avenue! I'll go back in the next week or two and try them again- but I have now learned to make Butter Chicken at home, and it is really, really good- so I might be a pretty harsh judge!

                      Golden Dragon- They have probably the worst buffet that I have ever been to, and some of their entrees are just plain bad. But we have been eating the Steak and Shrimp Kew for two since they were on State St (used to dine in the Bamboo Lounge- miss the live music!), and it is the *only* thing that we ever get there. It isn't always perfect, but when they are hitting on all six cylinders there is really nothing better!

                      Also, have you tried the Trace Grill on 51 in Ridgeland for the comfort food? It is really tasty, and would be fine for the family- no alcohol even...

                      You could also try Williams Grocery on Hwy 43 for their plate lunch- that lady doesn't have anything to cook with except iron skillets, and it is often good!

                      I need to try Trio- thought it was expensive...

                      1. re: Clarkafella

                        That might have been me on the JFP a while back espousing the merits of Spice Avenue. After Ruchi went downhill, we had a decent Indian restaurant over there on the frontage road just north of St Dominic's but on the other side of the Interstate. When it closed due to lack of business, I vowed that I would not let the next decent Indian restaurant do the same. But Spice Avenue is definitely better than decent. I've had dinner at Dawat in NYC where Madhur Jaffrey is said to be the "driving force" and Spice Avenue is just as good. The naan comes out perfectly cooked and glistening. And I'm a cumin freak so I love Indian food. At any rate, the decor (or lack thereof), to me, just demonstrates that they are all about the food and not so much about the atmosphere.

                        Trio is not cheap but not as expensive as Schimmels or Walkers.

                        We went to Sal and Phil's the other night for the first time in forever and it was packed (a Saturday night). But the boiled shrimp were excellent. Food is sorta like clothing. Sometimes finding the perfect simple black skirt is just as difficult as finding great boiled shrimp.

                        I'll have to try Trace Grill. Thanks for the info.

                        1. re: JaneWinston

                          I really like CS's. Had a great lunch at the Mayflower yesterday (broiled oysters = best). I like the food at Elixir as well. Other favorites are Thai House, Best Wok, Nick's, Julep...

                          1. re: fat harry

                            The Mayflower Greek Salad with crabmeat has been a favorite of mine since college. I love that comeback dressing. It's a little spicier than Crechale's. Julep gets too loud for me to enjoy. And why do people still flock to the Elite other than the rolls? Steve's Deli has some of the best food in the downtown area. I don't usually like meatloaf but I like his.

                            Ridgeland's new "mall" sounds like it will have some interesting places to eat.

                      2. re: JaneWinston

                        Jane, have you tried Scrooge's comfort food? They serve well seasoned veggies and sides --- I love the butterpeas and mac & cheese. Their tomato aspic with feta is one of my favorites. The fried catfish is always good.

                        Speaking of catfish, I enjoy the grilled catfish on Fridays at the Mayflower. So good!

              2. Walker's is an excellent choice...Y'all will enjoy it.

                Have Fun!!!