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Mar 6, 2008 05:25 AM

Newark Penn to NJPAC on foot

The little lady and I are leaving Brooklyn for a concert in Jersey this weekend, and we are looking for a restaurant in the corridor between Newark Penn and the PAC where one can have dinner in about an hour. My search of this board brought up the "Basque" and Portuguese places, but I was looking for a little more variety.

Any offerings are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Unfortunately you don't have too many options...there is a perfectly ok restaurant and bar in NJPAC called the Theater Square Grill; food is decent, albeit a tad pricey for what you are getting, imo, but they have the audience so they get the $. Info is on the NJPAC web site, and you should make a res if you can still get one at this point.
    The other options are Maize, which is in the Robert Treat Hotel, across the street from NJPAC. Unless something drastic has changed, I wouldn't go there, and also doubt you can get eat there in an hour.
    Honestly, your best bet is to go a little bit earlier, get off the train at Penn Station and walk a few blocks down Ferry Street for Portuguese food! You'd be walking about 4 blocks in the opposite direction of NJPAC, but you can also jump on the new (street level) trolley/train to NJPAC from Penn when you're heading to the show. Seabra's Marisqueira on Madison, right in off of Ferry, is a great bet. Sit at the bar and you'll have some terrific food in a casual setting, not spend crazy $, and be able to get in and out in time!

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      Thanks for the suggestion. The lady is a fool for anything to do with Portugal, so this sounds like it'll make her night.

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        Oh, then you MUST head to NJ earlier than planned, and check out some of the shops and bakeries on Ferry Street! Take a look at a map; Ferry runs in to the back of Penn Station...Madison is all of 4-5 blocks down from Penn, and you'll turn right and Marisqueira will be on your right. It's not fancy, but I think it's a great example of the vibe of the Ironbound, and the food is great.
        Btw, the above-ground subway is called the light rail. Total brain fart earlier! Enjoy your trip! NJPAC is a stunning facility, imo--happy to hear that you're crossing two rivers to see something there!

      2. re: Curlz

        This really depends on what you consider walking distance. Ferry Street is your best bet for kick-butt Portuguese food...Forno's, Iberia are among the best, ditto Don Pepe's. You can walk off dinner on the way to NJPAC.

        The Theater Square Grill at the arts' center is OK, depending upon your expectations. The food is good, even if the presentation is a bit overdone - kill the frisee and other garnishes that aren't really flavorful and you can get some real winners. The braised short rib there was excellent last week. The bigger concern is the service level. They just need more people to handle the pre-show crowd. I was there last Wednesday with my partner for the k.d. lang show. The food was good, but the service was the worst I've experienced anywhere in easily three years. Dirty wine glass with cork pieces was not a good start. Thank God that the MOD, a lovely woman named Kate came along and asked how everything was. I gave her an ear-full of grief and she very graciously apologized for the service shortcomings. I wasn't looking for compensation, but a very nice plate of cookies accompanied our desserts, a very classy touch and much appreciated.

        Kate, if you're a reader should own the place. Thanks so much for the great turnaround on a potentially disastrous dining experience.

        Note to all - try the cheesecake - the touch of goat cheese is amazing.

      3. Might want to look into Scully's Publick House on Clinton Street, between Mulberry and Broad.

        I have only had drinks there, but I hear the food is good.