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Mar 6, 2008 05:16 AM

Artisan Bread in Delaware?

Does anyone know where I can get Le Bus or Metropolitan bread around Wilmington? Not a fan of Big Sky and not holding out any hope of a small scale artisan baker around these parts.

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  1. I don't know if it's "Artisan", but I loooove the bread at Black Lab Breads on Union Street. I've only had the specialty foccaccia and their rolls, but they are out of this world! I have had many compliments at parties. They have a website where you can see everything they offer.

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    1. re: jessicheese

      Oh, I forgot about them. I have had good bread there. Don't recall if they have sourdough baguettes though. I'll have to find out.

    2. I second that! Black Lab is better than LeBus or Metro. When I met the owners I assumed they were dog lovers. Wrong! In the Middle Ages there were "Black Laboratories" were alchemists who tried to turn things like straw into gold (without much success, obviously) and other such experimentations. Hence, the name. Very clever. (They don't even own a dog.)

      1. I agree Black Lab is better than Met and Le Bus but if you insist you can or could get those breads from either Jantzens or Toscana take out.

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        1. re: kmcdonne

          I picked up a baguette and a mult-grain loaf from Black Lab. Excellent but, sometimes I'm in the mood for a sourdough, crustier crust and courser crumb. However, it was just what I needed to go with the beef stew.

          1. re: RC51Mike

            I seem to remember that they have LeBus breads at a place in Hockessin or Pike Creek, possibly that Best of Italy place in the Ace Memorial Shopping Center or maybe at Sandy's cafe. But I would call either place and confirm since it was a few years ago when they had the stuff.

        2. Janson"s (Used to be Food Source) on Route 52 in Greenville. I believe they have a small selection of Le Bus or similar breads. Also Panera, but probably not what you are looking for.