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Mar 6, 2008 05:15 AM

Asian supermarket H Mart coming to Burlington

The Boston Globe ran a story today about a Korean supermarket chain coming to Burlington. It'll be located behind the Burlington Market Basket in the old Decathlon/La-Z Boy building.

Anyone have any input about this place? Have you been to one in another state? It'll be great to have a huge Asian supermarket in town.

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  1. Kiyah - H Mart is awesome! I have been to the one in Cherry Hill. It is like - Super 88 meets the cleanest, most well stocked, but cheap supermarket ever. They have awesome sushi and a fresh bakery. They give out samples like Trader Joe's and they have everything. Well, they had everything I was looking for. It was great!

    1. There was an article about this in the Globe Food section today.

      1. I am so psyched about this! The nearest Super 88 is 40 minutes away from me. This will be only 20 minutes and TJoes and Market Basket are in the same area.

        1. It's great! They have them in New York...they have homemade tofu that they sell in great blocks, lots of great Korean side dishes to try, and awesome kimchee.

          1. That's great to hear! I'm familiar with the H Marts on the west coast. Like Super 88, but primarily Korean. The best is their "salad bar" of side dishes sold by weight. I hope they'll have a food court portion too!

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              Yes! The article said that they will have a food court--they are going before the planning board at this very moment to get the permit approval. I am so excited to have this place in my own backyard!