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Asian supermarket H Mart coming to Burlington

The Boston Globe ran a story today about a Korean supermarket chain coming to Burlington. It'll be located behind the Burlington Market Basket in the old Decathlon/La-Z Boy building.


Anyone have any input about this place? Have you been to one in another state? It'll be great to have a huge Asian supermarket in town.

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  1. Kiyah - H Mart is awesome! I have been to the one in Cherry Hill. It is like - Super 88 meets the cleanest, most well stocked, but cheap supermarket ever. They have awesome sushi and a fresh bakery. They give out samples like Trader Joe's and they have everything. Well, they had everything I was looking for. It was great!

    1. There was an article about this in the Globe Food section today.

      1. I am so psyched about this! The nearest Super 88 is 40 minutes away from me. This will be only 20 minutes and TJoes and Market Basket are in the same area.

        1. It's great! They have them in New York...they have homemade tofu that they sell in great blocks, lots of great Korean side dishes to try, and awesome kimchee.

          1. That's great to hear! I'm familiar with the H Marts on the west coast. Like Super 88, but primarily Korean. The best is their "salad bar" of side dishes sold by weight. I hope they'll have a food court portion too!

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              Yes! The article said that they will have a food court--they are going before the planning board at this very moment to get the permit approval. I am so excited to have this place in my own backyard!

              1. never would have expected it...looking forward to it.

                1. Hmart is planning on setting up in the former Decathlon store in burlington, I think that is the shopiing center close to Market Basket, where the Old Caldor's (I'm dating myself here) used to be!
                  Goody! Food tastings and food courts (just like 88) how exciting, no more asian grocery trips to Ayer, chinatown or Cambridge for this family! yehey!
                  If it would be like their HMarts in Flushing, wow, we are in for a real treat!
                  Call the Burlington Planning Board, tell them to say yes to HMart, u know how those NIMBY folks can be sometimes.

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                    NIMBY probably won't matter, because it's on a commercial strip of the Msx Turnpike anyhow. The only problem I see is even more traffic in an already congested area. The building is set back from the road, behind the Market Basket. There's already a traffic light at that driveway, which helps.

                    It'll be practically in my backyard, and I'm salivating already.

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                      I was thinking the same thing about traffic. That mall and general area, even with the two traffic lights, is an absolute horror to get in and out of, even if you go in the "back way" on the other end of the mall. It's on my "avoid at all costs" list between Thanksgiving and Christmas, except at off hours. While I'll be very interested in checking out this market, M'sex Tnpk. is just going to get more backed up, I'm afraid.

                  2. This news makes me a HAPPY HOUND!!! I hope this is not just a rumor!!!!

                    1. I grew up with Han An Reum. The one in Flushing is also 24 hours, and it's been the go to place for my family for many many years for all their food shopping. As a NYC transplant living in metro Boston, the announcement of an H Mart, especially at that location, with such ambitious plans, makes me weep with joy. Finally there will be a place that's convenient from many communities (since it'll be right off 128 and going in the opposite direction from the mall) to be able to get real Korean groceries and products, and not have to either go to Super 88 and hope they have what your looking for (it mostly caters to Vietnamese and Chinese customers) or find a smaller Korean grocery store that may not have the selection that they want.

                      This really is the most exciting food news for me in maybe years. Yes it's really that big of a deal for Koreans to have an H Mart in the area.

                      1. does anyone know if this has opened yet or when it will?

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                          According to their web site, "opening is expected in late fall of this year."

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                            Next time I get over to Not-My-Favorite Market Basket, which is right in front of where H Mart will be, I take a look to see what, if anything, is going on there.

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                              This is great news. Now if only a korean spa will open here similar to InspaWorld in Flushing or JeJu Sauna in Lawrenceville, life would be perfect!

                          2. Anyone know an update on when the H mart is opening? I can't wait!

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                              Article in yesterday's Woburn Advocate - looks like it will be while!

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                                  Thanks for the update.
                                  It's been very quiet around that site lately.
                                  With the 88 on the rocks, I hope H-Mart can get its act together soon.

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                                    The 88 is on the rocks? I haven't been getting there much lately, I guess. What's up?

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                                    Food Court?! Be still my heart!

                                    I hope my move within the next year is not out of range!

                                2. So what is the deal with H Mart? I went to one in Virginia and it was a cross between wegmans and super 88 and cost co. They have really good asian products, cheap prices, and do samples.

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                                    I was by the site of H Mart a couple of days ago. No activity going on there that I could see.

                                  2. I was at the H Mart site today and the joint was jumping. The roofers were working, and the parking lot was full of assorted tradesmen's trucks. All of the signs from the previous occupants have been removed, and it looks like they're closing up the entrance on the right and leaving the left side open.

                                    Maybe they're finally getting somewhere!