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Mar 6, 2008 05:14 AM

Tasting Tour in Europe

I'm a college student, rooted in NYC but for the present semester I have been living and studying abroad in Dublin. Although Dublin's restaurant scene is starting to mature, in my opinion it still has a long way to go and is outrageously overpriced.

In the next two weeks, however, I will be touring Europe and am excited to taste some real food, some local food, some completely new food to me. I will be making stops in Barcelona, Porto (Portugal's second biggest city), Paris and Amsterdam.

Having never been to Europe before, I am completely naive as to which or what or where good restaurants are in pretty much any of these cities. I'm all ears from recommendations, shared experiences, etc.

My one caveat is to keep in mind that I am a college student and have a very small budget, so out of the way, local, hole in wall type places that are authentic and delicious while offering great value are the types of places I'm looking to try. (If you're from NYC think Corner Bistro or Charles' Southern Fried)

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Hi-

    For dining options in France, Spain and Portugal you will want to post seperate queries on those respective boards.

    1. In Paris, if you find your way to le Quartier Latin, in the 5me, off the Boulevard St. Michel, you will find the Sorbonne and many students and their haunts. There are some tasty places to eat in that neighborhood, but nothing fancy and quite a few that are very reasonably priced.

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