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Mar 6, 2008 04:57 AM

Dinner at All Seasons Table, Malden

After taking a short break from all the food I ate while back in New York (the break lasted about 2 minutes), I got over to All Seasons Table in Malden Center last night. The restaurant is very attractive, with a clean, modern, upscale look. The Pan-Asian menu is varied and broken down into several distinct categories, including sushi, pan-fried dishes, and teppanyaki.

We started with a couple of soups. The Thai-style hot and sour soup had an exotic aroma and a taste to match, while the spinach and tofu soup was very mild, though the flavor was boosted by the miso-style broth. This was followed by a chicken lettuce wrap appetizer, which our waiter prepared for us at the table. The plum sauce that was spread on the lettuce had lots of flavor, as did the ground chicken; I thought it was better than the chicken lettuce wraps at PF Chang's, and I really like the ones there. We than moved on to the entrees. I had the ma-po tofu (a vegetarian Szechuan dish) that had waaaaay too much tofu (I could feel my estrogen levels rising with each bite, which is really disturbing if you're a guy), and the black bean sauce was a bit on the gloppy side. Still, the dish was a pretty tasty one, though something I probably won't get again. My GF's pan-fried chicken with spicy basil and chili sauce was much better, with thin strips of white-meat chicken mixed with just enough basil to give the dish a sweet, rich flavor.

Prices were just a bit high, but still reasonable, and the service was flawless, with our waiter coming over several times to make sure we liked the food.

Even though I wasn't crazy about my dish, everything else was excellent and the service and the atmosphere were both top notch. I know that I probably picked the wrong dish on the menu, but with so many others from which to choose, I know I'll be heading back there soon.

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  1. Thanks for the report- I have read a few reviews of this restaurant, and it has been on my to try list for a while now. Will have to give it a shot. The menu is extensive, and some of their maki looks interesting.

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      I have been there several times now and have enjoyed each visit. The food and service have been excellent. And they have some very good chilled Sake. Lunch is good there too, with plentiful portions for reasonable prices.

      1. re: macca

        I highly, highly recommend the "true love" maki - really nice.

        I also really liked the shrimp tempura (we had it in the maki, as opposed to standalone), which is dipped in panko, so it has an outrageously crunchy yet delicate exterior.

      2. I'm looking forward to heading back there with a few friends and try some of their exotic drinks :-b, oh and I guess the food, too. The place has a definite metro vibe..Malden is becoming so chic lately!

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        1. re: chowciao

          First Waltham, then Arlington, then Somerville, now Malden. I wonder what town will be the next up and comer on the Boston restaurant scene? Heh heh, who would have guessed that we would have heard the phrase "Malden: The Next Somerville" in a good light 10 or 20 years ago? It's certainly great to see...

          1. re: hiddenboston

            hold your horses guys!
            being a resident of this city for more than ten years, i can say that it has quite a ways to becoming a restaurant hotspot! one or two decent restaurants do not make a hot spot. while i am very glad for the existence of Fuloon (possibly the only genuine spot that is worth a long drive), malden still needs more variety...such as a good Thai and a Middle Eastern spot...and not just 'upscale' places to dine.

            1. re: nasilemak

              Sorry there may not be Thai or Middle Eastern but there are more than 'one or two decent restaurants' in Malden. There are some others that are diverse and not 'upscale' that deserve notice and visits such as:
              Tivoli's andThe Pasta Market(two other genuine spots worth a long drive) Salemwood, (steaks tips superior to Newbridge) Artichokes, Fuloon, O'Neil's, Massimo's, Frannie's and Doo Wop Diner (both for great breakfasts).

              1. re: taxi

                I have to agree with you Taxi...we've made the "long" trip from the South Shore over to Pasta Market, Salemwood and O'Neils. I think it's huge change from 10 years ago. My extended family has lived in the area for years. For the longest time the only place we ever met for dinner was at Pearl St Cafe! It's nice to have not just options, but a range from casual to fine dining.

            2. re: hiddenboston

              I agree with you, hiddenboston. I love trying the many different places in Malden.

              1. re: taxi

                Yes, I have some real favorites there too, including the Pasta Market and the Salem Wood Cafe. And I'm dying to try the Exchange Street Bistro and Fuloon.

                I am really sick tonight, however--hopefully it isn't from the food at All Seasons Table, though I did eat enough tofu to create a shortage of soy beans in the fields of Indiana. I guess I have no one to blame but myself for this rotten stomach. Never again to the ma-po tofu there, I suppose...