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DCGUY5 Mar 6, 2008 04:05 AM

I have scoured the boards for weeks and am still confused. Should we keep our reservation at Telepan?

We need to be "sort of" near Carnegie Hall (maybe 30 blocks either way so no Village etc...).
We also like the idea of a tasting menu.
And we like the price point of Telepan....but the reviews are so mixed.

Has anyone been there lately? How does it compare to Dovetail and does DT have a tasting menu?

Or should we go to Ouest?

Also...no Italian as we're going to Viceversa the night before.

  1. w
    Will4Food Mar 6, 2008 04:51 AM

    Dovetail is superior, but with its new 3star rating, difficult to get a reservation. Telepan remains a terrific restaurant, certainly more variety/creativity than Ouest.

    1. s
      s.piller Mar 6, 2008 05:22 AM

      I have been to Telepan on many occasions, in fact, we have a reservation for this week end. The food has always been excellent, as well as service.
      Have not been to Dove Tail as of yet, but this is a tough reservation.
      Ouest is good but no comparison to Telepan.

      1. d
        David W Mar 6, 2008 06:14 AM

        I'm frequently at Telepan, and I love the place-and you're right, the price is very good for the quality. It's relaxed, professional and good. There are those on this board who don't care for it-I'm not alway sure why...
        I can tell you that I didn't care for my one meal at Dovetail-I found competing flavors muddy and sometimes odd (the yam/marshmallow side to the venison) and the service rather lacking. I consider Telepan to be more subtle. I enjoy the smoked brook trout, any of the pastas, and pretty much all of the entrees...I also like the bread pudding.
        Ouest is fine, though I am not a big fan-it seems more like a decent neighborhood place than somewhere worth travelling to...
        Frankly, in that area my favorite is the Nougatine room at Jean Georges, but you may (depending on what you order) spend more money there than at Telepan.

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