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Mar 5, 2008 11:17 PM

Marrow Gut

Got to thinking recently (after reading a post about goat's rumen in Queens and mistaking the rumen for the marrow gut) about Frank X. Tolbert's essay on "The Gentleman from Odessa", which contains an elaborate stew recipe involving various less common parts of the cow. The star of the show, apparently, without which the SOB stew is not SOB stew, is the marrow gut, which is a particular type of tripe - the tube connecting two stomachs, in particular, ideally from a young calf.

Anyway, I've always kind of wanted to make some of this stew, but I'd written it off as an idle fantasy. But, since it was on my mind, I thought I'd ask - does anyone know where to get this stuff? I'm given to understand that good Argentine butchers will sometimes carry it, but that helps me precisely zero.

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  1. Two years later...

    I accidentally bought a pack of frozen marrow guts ($1.99/lb) today at the local H-Mart in Queens. Somehow, I assumed that it was marrow - the guts inside a bone. Idiot! Oh well, it'll probably just go into the back of the freezer until I move out. You're welcome to come by and pick it up from me.