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Mar 5, 2008 10:22 PM

Interesting place to Dine with Friends and Family

In just less than 2 weeks, the earth will be at its spring equinox and hence celebrations for my New Years begin (the Persian New years or Nowruz; see if interested).

In the past years, my family and a couple of friends with their families go to an Iranian event. This usually involves a big hall with A LOT of people and a lot of round tables with fixed 3 or 4 course meals, some after dinner shows (catwalk, for example), followed by live music and dancing.

This year, we decided to do something else. We're thinking of having dinner at a restaurant, but we want it to be something more than just good food. For example, I remember there used to be a spanish restaurant on College and Bathurst that had Flamingo shows with dinner. Now, it doesn't have to be a live dance or a live show or anything; it could be whatever, so long as it's more than 'sitting-eating-leaving,' has good food, and a good atmosphere.

Any suggestions? And by the way, this is for the GTA.

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  1. I think you mean flamenco. :) But the restaurant was probably Plaza Flamingo, so I can understand the confusion!

    Check out Lula Lounge. Great variety of live bands throughout the week (mostly latin or latin jazz). And on nights were there are salsa bands, they have free salsa lessons before the band starts. The food is not spectacular, but it's certainly ok and the venue and music generally make up for it.

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      Cambalache on Mt Pleasant would be another option to consider. The tapas are quite good and they have a Flamenco show on Friday nights, if one orders a minimum of $ 30/ person.

      Embrujo Flamenco on the Danforth also has Spanish food & a flamenco show. They have shows Wed- Sun according to their website. I'm not sure what the minimum order would be.

      Christina's on the Danforth has live Greek music every Friday and Saturday night:

      Milagro at the corner of John and Mercer serves Mexican food and has a Mariachi band some nights. I'm not trying to stir up the debate about the lack of authentic Mexican food in Toronto ;), so I'm begging other Chowhounds not to go there. I'm just suggesting it as a place with some entertainment included.

      Here's a thread on places with good food & live music:

    2. Flamenco at College and Bathurst was at a Spanish place on the north side. Plaza Flamingo is Latin American. But if you really want to see flamingos, go to Florida. ;)

      As far as dinner-and-a-show, there's belly dancing at the Sultan's Tent on Front, as well as the flamenco shows mentioned. Also, walked by Beer Bistro a couple of Saturdays ago, and noticed they had a jazz trio. Looked like fun, and I hear the food's great.

      1. Cool, thanks. Any other suggestions? Some of these restaurants you mentioned (like the Sultan) have really mixed reviews.