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Mar 5, 2008 09:54 PM

Marco's Pizza??

Any good? I'm moving back to my hometown of Middletown Ohio later this month. And of course the first thing I check out is any new food joints that have poped up since I last left. Marco's is one that caught my eye. menu looks interesting.

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  1. Marco's(if this is, indeed, the chain) is similar to Papa John's with an oregano-heavy tomato sauce. Their white pizza isn't bad.

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    1. re: aelph

      ...and I like oregano-y tomato sauces, but Marco's can err on the side of bitterness...

    2. Yes it's the chain. Papa Johns huh, that's discouraging.

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      1. re: Ranger05

        It is chain pizza. But, then, I prefer Papa John's to PH, LC, Donnato's, or Domino's.

      2. I like Marco's Pizza and look forward to getting it whenever I visit my parents in Ohio. They have thick, thin, and regular crusts. I like that you can get "crust toppers" upon request. They have garlic butter, parmesan cheese, and roma seasonings as crust toppers, I believe. But sometimes they forget to put them on even when I ask. I also love their Cheezybread.

        1. This is an old thread, but I recently tried Marco's Pizza in Orlando (which I had not realized was a national chain) and was pleasantly surprised.

          We got thin-crust pizza, which was nice and crackery, with garlic butter brushed onto the crispy crust. Pepperoni was typical, but the sausage was in large, flavorful chunks -- not slices or little pellets.

          The cheezybread that came with the pizza was good, too -- light and fluffy.

          We would definitely order from Marco's again. It reminded me of a better version of Hungry Howie's overall.

          1. I think the question here is "moving back" from where? If you're coming from a place with great pizza--say most of the Northeast (particularly Philly or NY), Marco's will make you sad. If you're coming from a place with not much of a pizza tradition, it will do fine. As another poster says, it's not dissimilar to Papa John's, but it's somewhat better.

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              My "roots" are in Ohio, and I can adamantly assert that Marco's Pizza is WAY better than Papa John's, which I like to call Poopoo John's, or Papa Wrong's. I try to avoid at all costs. I apologize to the PJ lovers out there, but IMHO it's the most bland pizza I've ever had, from the chewy tasteless crust to the unremarkable sauce and toppings. So yes, a + for Marco's Pizza!