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Mar 5, 2008 09:51 PM

What's good in/around Lewisburg?

I'll be in Lewisburg for a few days later this month. I did a search but haven't come up with much anything...Anybody?

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  1. ck out Possibly the best restaurant in a 30 mile radius.
    also In it's size class the best in the state of PA.

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    1. re: gardner17756

      I've had several good meals at Elizabeth's
      I would also second the reco for Selinsgrove Brewing. They have a rather limited menu, but the beer and ambiance cannot be beat.

      1. re: hash_slinger

        Think about the Temperance House. They have some of the best scallops I've ever tasted.

        Now, as to how a restaurant in central PA has better scallops that restaurants at beaches, I have no idea.

      2. re: gardner17756

        I forgot to mention Vic's Pub which appears to be a nice environment to spend some time. I visited only once on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

        Also check out Byerly Meat Market located North on Rt 15. This is an one of those fast disappearing family owned meat markets that is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for butchering and processing. Their beef jerky is excellant.

        If you have free time during the day on a Wednesday check out the Lewisburg farmer's market.

        1. re: gardner17756

          Another vote here for Selin's Grove Brewing. Non-smoking, local cheese, produce, coffee(locally roasted), etc. and fresh tasty beer.