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Mar 5, 2008 09:47 PM

STL - Katie’s Pizzeria Café?

An article in Sauce addresses a new pizza place, Katie’s Pizzeria Café:

It looks just like the type of pizza I like. Anyone here been to it yet? If so, comments?

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    1. We went on...Sunday night, I think? It was excellent. We started with the cannellini bean dip which comes with pizza crust pieces for dipping; both were delicious. Then I had the proscuitto, brie and apples, and my husband had fingerling potatoes, pancetta, and two other things I can't remember. Fantastic crust. Delicious all around. Nice casual service. Small but adequate wine list. It's a real family operation with her mom running the hostess stand and her dad owning the building - really nice people. We plan to become regulars when we move here in June.