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Mar 5, 2008 09:04 PM

Belgique cookware

Does anyone have any experiences to share with Belgique cookware from Macys? I got an 11" stainless steel skillet with the copper bottom and a small stainless sauce pan with the same copper on the bottom for christmas. So far, I am quite please with both of them. Very durable construction, and heat very evenly. BTW - I got both of them for a total of $30 in after-holiday sales, so I think I did pretty well for the price.

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  1. I will be waiting anxiously for replies -- a couple of months ago, I embarked on a resolution to upgrade my cookware and have been gradually accumulating pots and pans from Mauviel, Sur la Table and All-Clad. My mother called last night, said she'd picked up some Belgique stuff ("pretty and cheap," she termed it) and was mailing it to me. My heart kind of sank. So I'm hoping it will magically turn out to be wonderful. Or at least serviceable.

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      I'm not sure what your intentions are for upgrading. I don't have any All-Clads, but I don't think the Belgique will compare to that level of quality. But for me, they seem to be very nice and an upgrade from my previous pans. In particular, my other skillet is one of the low end Calphalons, and I prefer the Belgique over that one.

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        Not sure about the set your mom is sending you. But I bought a 20pc set back in 1985. And I still use them to this day. These pots, pans, covers have been through a lot in the past 25 years of continues use. They have a solid aluminum bottoms no copper. They heat extremely evenly. Even when use on old coil style burners, you don’t see the heat rings in the bottom of the pan. And they are the only set I use to this day.

        Yes they are not as shiny due to a few scratches. But overall appearance they are of a 1 year old stainless set. So they have help up extremely well over the past 25 years.

      2. Nobody has any experience with this?

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          I bought the 14 piece copper bottom set last weekend. I have used most of the pieces and have to say that so far so good. I like matched sets of cookware and have found that I do utilize the majority of the pieces on a regular basis.

          The pieces all seem durable, heat is evenly distributed, I find the handles to be comfortably shaped although they do conduct heat, esp. nearer to the pan.
          I did expect this as they're metal so I am not disappointed. Clean up has been easy.

          These are not as heavy as the higher end manufactors. I don't think they are marketed as a comparable. I am replacing an older set of copper bottomed Revere Ware and find that the Belgique is much heavier than those.

          Time will tell how these do hold up, but at a price of $125 I feel I got a great deal. I am not willing to pay much more for cookware made in China or Indonesia,

          I really wanted cookware made in the USA . Unfortunately I found none that are a true US made product.

          I was considering ALL Clad but I wasn't going to pay their prices when a few pieces are totally made in China and all the available sets in my local Macys stated that pots are made in the USA but lids are made in China.

          Hope this helped.

        2. Purchased an 11" copper bottom skillet, nice size, love the design, however, I've followed instructions re seasoning but everything I brown, sear, fry or even steam sticks to the bottom even at the lowest temp, got it on sale so I don't have much invested but I've decided to return it to Macy's. Was really hoping for better quality, could get better at Kitchen Collection or any WalMart or Big K. Not usually disappointed in Macy's but this time I am.

          1. I got Belgique pans about 15 years ago as a gift from my parents. I like them a lot, They heat evenly and clean up very well and still look new. I stick them in the dishwasher without qualms.

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              My wife and I got a stainless steel Belgique set 12 years ago for our wedding. The set has outlasted everything that has come since. THe type we have has a aluminum exposed bottom that is bonded to the steel. It also has laser welded handles versus rivets. Im shocked to report that the welded handles have never been a problem and never broke. I bought a Sams CLub teflon set 3 years ago (made by Tramontina) and the teflon was flaking off and the riveted handle became loose on one of my frypans. The beligue has been abused more, thrown the dishwasher its whole life and still preforming.

              I just purchased a few pieces of all clad recently - tonight in fact - so I cant compare to Belgique. All I can say is that the belgique been the most reliable and solid set weve ever owned. Our pieces from 12 years ago say made in Belguim. Dont know where they are made today. Also, with the exposed aluminum on the sides, I dont know if they are induction compatible...

              As far as cost, I dont think the suff we had on our registry was cheap. If people are getting it cheap now, may not be the same quality or the standards on the board are much higher than our tastes a decade ago. I fully expect these to go another 12 years no problem.

            2. I have used them for many years and have over 20 pots and pans. I think they are an excellent value.

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                I've been using my skillet now for the better part of a year, and have it really well seasoned. Nothing sticks to it, it cleans easily every time, and makes great pan sauces. I've loved it and can't believe how cheaply I got it. I'll look for more after Christmas this year again.