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Belgique cookware

Does anyone have any experiences to share with Belgique cookware from Macys? I got an 11" stainless steel skillet with the copper bottom and a small stainless sauce pan with the same copper on the bottom for christmas. So far, I am quite please with both of them. Very durable construction, and heat very evenly. BTW - I got both of them for a total of $30 in after-holiday sales, so I think I did pretty well for the price.

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  1. I will be waiting anxiously for replies -- a couple of months ago, I embarked on a resolution to upgrade my cookware and have been gradually accumulating pots and pans from Mauviel, Sur la Table and All-Clad. My mother called last night, said she'd picked up some Belgique stuff ("pretty and cheap," she termed it) and was mailing it to me. My heart kind of sank. So I'm hoping it will magically turn out to be wonderful. Or at least serviceable.

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      I'm not sure what your intentions are for upgrading. I don't have any All-Clads, but I don't think the Belgique will compare to that level of quality. But for me, they seem to be very nice and an upgrade from my previous pans. In particular, my other skillet is one of the low end Calphalons, and I prefer the Belgique over that one.

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        Not sure about the set your mom is sending you. But I bought a 20pc set back in 1985. And I still use them to this day. These pots, pans, covers have been through a lot in the past 25 years of continues use. They have a solid aluminum bottoms no copper. They heat extremely evenly. Even when use on old coil style burners, you don’t see the heat rings in the bottom of the pan. And they are the only set I use to this day.

        Yes they are not as shiny due to a few scratches. But overall appearance they are of a 1 year old stainless set. So they have help up extremely well over the past 25 years.

      2. Nobody has any experience with this?

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          I bought the 14 piece copper bottom set last weekend. I have used most of the pieces and have to say that so far so good. I like matched sets of cookware and have found that I do utilize the majority of the pieces on a regular basis.

          The pieces all seem durable, heat is evenly distributed, I find the handles to be comfortably shaped although they do conduct heat, esp. nearer to the pan.
          I did expect this as they're metal so I am not disappointed. Clean up has been easy.

          These are not as heavy as the higher end manufactors. I don't think they are marketed as a comparable. I am replacing an older set of copper bottomed Revere Ware and find that the Belgique is much heavier than those.

          Time will tell how these do hold up, but at a price of $125 I feel I got a great deal. I am not willing to pay much more for cookware made in China or Indonesia,

          I really wanted cookware made in the USA . Unfortunately I found none that are a true US made product.

          I was considering ALL Clad but I wasn't going to pay their prices when a few pieces are totally made in China and all the available sets in my local Macys stated that pots are made in the USA but lids are made in China.

          Hope this helped.

        2. Purchased an 11" copper bottom skillet, nice size, love the design, however, I've followed instructions re seasoning but everything I brown, sear, fry or even steam sticks to the bottom even at the lowest temp, got it on sale so I don't have much invested but I've decided to return it to Macy's. Was really hoping for better quality, could get better at Kitchen Collection or any WalMart or Big K. Not usually disappointed in Macy's but this time I am.

          1. I got Belgique pans about 15 years ago as a gift from my parents. I like them a lot, They heat evenly and clean up very well and still look new. I stick them in the dishwasher without qualms.

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              My wife and I got a stainless steel Belgique set 12 years ago for our wedding. The set has outlasted everything that has come since. THe type we have has a aluminum exposed bottom that is bonded to the steel. It also has laser welded handles versus rivets. Im shocked to report that the welded handles have never been a problem and never broke. I bought a Sams CLub teflon set 3 years ago (made by Tramontina) and the teflon was flaking off and the riveted handle became loose on one of my frypans. The beligue has been abused more, thrown the dishwasher its whole life and still preforming.

              I just purchased a few pieces of all clad recently - tonight in fact - so I cant compare to Belgique. All I can say is that the belgique been the most reliable and solid set weve ever owned. Our pieces from 12 years ago say made in Belguim. Dont know where they are made today. Also, with the exposed aluminum on the sides, I dont know if they are induction compatible...

              As far as cost, I dont think the suff we had on our registry was cheap. If people are getting it cheap now, may not be the same quality or the standards on the board are much higher than our tastes a decade ago. I fully expect these to go another 12 years no problem.

            2. I have used them for many years and have over 20 pots and pans. I think they are an excellent value.

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                I've been using my skillet now for the better part of a year, and have it really well seasoned. Nothing sticks to it, it cleans easily every time, and makes great pan sauces. I've loved it and can't believe how cheaply I got it. I'll look for more after Christmas this year again.

              2. I purchased a Belgique Stainless Steel 6 qt pot a few years ago from Macy's. It works very well BUT it is showing discolored spots in the bottom of the pot. They look like rust but the surface is smooth. Has anyone had this experience and if so, what's the remidy?
                Thanks in advance.

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                  Have you tried Barkeeper's Friend? It's one of the go-to stainless steel cleaners.

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                    Thanks very much. I found out my local Target carries BF and I'll let you know how i make out.

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                      Thanks for the tip! I am now running to Target!

                      I have several pieces of Le Creuset which my husband loves (he's the cook) and only one Belgique frying pan. He uses that to get a good sear (better than with the Le Creuset, which takes a long time to heat up to "sear" heat).

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                      AlexCutrone. the complete remedy is to boil a bit of diluted vinegar in the pan. Discoloration disappears as if by magic. The discoloration is a result of overheating, by the way, but never mind; no permanent damage has been done.

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                        The only (almost) cookware I use is Belgique from Macy's and have for years. I absolutely love it! You can throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out like new.

                        However, beware! I just bought a brand new EXPENSIVE stainless steel ceramic top electric range. Two of my Belgigue pans have copper bottoms. I got the heat too high and the copper fused to my ceramic cook top. I'm just sick. :( So, if you have a ceramic cooktop, buy the belgigue with NO copper bottoms or be very careful not to use too high of heat.

                        Anyway, I live in the kitchen cooking. I've owned just about every brand of cookware there is. I wouldn't trade my Belgigue for any of the others. Hope that helps.


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                          I'm still using the pan I bought two years ago and it's my favorite now. I'll keep looking for deals on them and likely buy again.

                    3. I just put my stainless steel pot to boil on low heat and the stainless steel lining on the bottom separated from the pot....I wonder if this is guaranteed?...have had these two pots for a long time!


                      1. I know this is a real long time from the original post, but I have to chime in (boast). I have had my Belgique set, from Burdine's in FL, for over 20 years and I wil definately say that what you see at Macy's is no where close to this. The only problem I have is finding more pieces of the same vintage. This stuff has outlasted numerous Cuisinart and All Clad pieces. I have had more than one All Clad delaminate, flat metal base separating from the pan body. Same with the Cuisinart. I consider thier stuff to be disposable.
                        Heck, I'm making a a gallon of chili in Belgiqiue 10 qt stock pot, right now.

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                          I can imagine that quality may have slipped to make modern versions less expensive, but I still am pleased with the quality of the skillet and sauce pot. Both have performed great for me have become favorites in my kitchen. I bought a Calphalon skillet about the same time, and had to throw that away earlier this year.

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                            I guess I lucked out...last year we were building a vacation home and I wanted the things in the kitchen to be nice, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Found an entire set of Belgique at an estate auction. Paid NOTHING for the set and have been pleased. Lighter weight than some of my more expensive pans. They seem to hold up well, though admittedly aren't being used as much as my pans at home.

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                              I'm confused by this post. Flat metal base separating from the pan body - I don't believe that's possible since it's a clad product from edge to edge, top to bottom. I've been using AC for years, so I'm curious about this defect.

                              Anyone else know how this could happen? I don't used very high heat, but want to be careful nonetheless. (All my saucepans, the large braiser, saute pans, and a few stockpots, etc. are AC.)

                              I guess when you think of All Clad as disposable, there must have been some real problems with the pan!

                              CK, if you're around, have you heard of this before?

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                                To clear up the confusion ... I do use high heat to cook. I will allow the pans to come up to temp slowly, but I prefer to saute rather than simmer. The delamination problem has occured with saute pans. The entire bottom does not come off, rather a small split appears and this allows water to enter. This may be a manufacturing flaw that is shown up by higher heat, but it is still a flaw. I found it first when heating a pan on my flat top stove. Had I a conventional range, I probably would never have noticed. At any rate, I have never had this problem with a Belguique pan, only with 2 Cuisinarts and 1 All Clad 10 inch sautes.

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                                Aaaaah, Burdine's. How I miss it.

                                They don't make them like they used to. Even Kitchenaid stand mixers. They used to have metal gears and housing, and since Whirlpool bought Kitchenaid, they're using plastic. And I don't think anything made in China's going to last. But it's 99.9% impossible to find anything made here in the US. Sad.

                              3. I have used Belqigue for 17 years now. And love it, love it, love it! I am sorry to hear that some people are not happy with them! I imagine quality has changed over time. I had my first problem though - the handle on my 10qt stock pot broke on one side! They are not riveted, just laser welded. Any ideas how to fix?

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                                  If you still have the handle, do you think it could be re-welded? Maybe a body shop would do it for you for a few bucks.

                                2. I've had my original Belgique set (made in Belgium) for 17 years and absolutely love it. They clean up beautifully, cook great, and stains come out easily with a sos pad. Over the years, I've added the open stock Belgique which is now made in China. They're holding up well but not as good as the original.

                                  A few months ago we bought two of the non-stick (hard anodized w/silicone handles) fry pans. They started out great but in the last two weeks ago we noticed that the handles get hot and I mean BURN YOU BAD hot. This is so weird because they were okay in the beginning. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. It seems that since Belgique added "Tools of the Trade" as their logo, the quality has gone down.

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                                    I have had my originals (copper-bottomed) for a long time as well and love them. However I too, recently bought an anodized with the silicone in the handle, and I have burnt myself 3 times on the handle, finally found a silicone handle shaped cover to go over the entire handle and it's the only way i will use the pan, I've considered buying more pieces to flesh out the ones I have, but the new stainless steel ones also have silicone in the handles, not sure if made of the same metal material that the handles on the anodized are but will have to scour garage sales and other spots for used older items. I grew up with revere ware and bought that as my first set when I was first married- wish Belgique was around then. I agree that the newer ones don't quite seem as quality made as my older ones.

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                                      I am new to the board, found it as a result of a Google search which I started because I have a 12" Belgique non-stick fry pan. The handle is partially covered with a rubber (silicon) grip.
                                      The handle gets unbelievably HOT, yes BURN YOUR HAND hot. It does not happen all the time. I always take care to make sure no part of the handle is over direct heat. It is dangerous.
                                      So yes, I have had this problem Mary, anyone else?
                                      PS The pan is from Macy's, less than a year old. I have used Belqigue for 16 years and never had a problem like this.

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                                        Hello! I have had the same problem with my 10" and 12" non-stick pans. I just reported the incident to the US Product Safety Commission and then searched to see if anyone else had the same problem... These should be recalled. I received mine as a wedding gift purchased from Macy's, about a year ago, and mine also burns me sporadically... never anything serious thank goodness :) but it does get extremely hot, and if you look closely, the handle drips a hot clear liquid, which I think is the glue holding on that black grip.


                                        You should both go to this link and report the incident.


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                                          Thanks Emma...I have noticed the clear liquid too! I thought it was water from rinsing the pan although I usually just wipe it.

                                          I will go to the link and report it.

                                    2. While I see this post is old, I still managed to find it after all these years.
                                      I have had Belgique cookware for 21 years now. Began Cooking in HS after researching with my Home Ec teacher on quality cookware. Love the stuff. Mine does not have the copper bottom but the stainless/copper and some nickle. Its been a while, but they still look great if you take care of them.
                                      I plan on doing research again to see what might be better out on the market, but I will probably buy my daughter a set.

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                                        I'm the Original Poster, and after a couple of years, I still really love the pieces I bought. I understand from other posters that the Belgique line used to be a higher quality than it is today, but I still think if you can find a good price on it and take care of your pans, they are great for the money. I would recommend them as a starter set for anyone. If you have unlimited funds or cook professionally, you may want to consider other high end brands, but I'm really happy with these.

                                      2. Howdy, I found this while looking for more Belgique pieces and thought I would throw in my two cents. I got the 14 pieces set at Macy's a couple of weeks ago. I had been researching for months and was there to try to look at Emeril's Pro Clad. The salesman owned and used this set for over a year and really recommended it. We went back and purchased a few days later when it went on sale. For less than $150 out the door I feel I got a great deal. Yes, they are made in China, but for the price it still is decent stuff. The pieces are sized nicely and I find I am using them all regularly. I cook for a family of 7 that spans 4 generations. I need durable and easy to use. You definitely need to lower the heat - a lot! Saves on the electric bill. Cleans up easy with a few minutes of soaking in hot soapy dishwater. I always hand wash pans. Too many dishes to have room in the dishwasher ;) I did fry potatoes the other day and had to use a little Bon Ami powder to clean the bottom of the saute pan (I will get Barkeeper's Friend). Next time I will try lowering the heat a bit more. I also have some light spots on the bottom of the pans I have used to boil and steam. I will probably try the boiling some vinegar and even lower the heat to see if that keeps the spots away. I really don't care how pretty these pans are. They cook better that anything I have had before and cost much less than I was prepared to pay for Emerils made in China set. I plan on getting sets for my daughters for Christmas.

                                        1. I had some store-brand SS saucepans from Macy's that were of an earlier design series than Belgique. I had gone back to the store for open stock pots in that series but it had been discontinued. I imagine Belgique is very good, but I did not care for the rather bulbous appearance of the line. (Although maybe they've been resdesigned by now; I don't know.)

                                          1. Well over 20 years ago I decided to splurge and buy what I considered then a high priced frying pan....having grown tired of having to replace my skillet every year because the non-stick had stopped working. I used that pan the entire time my kids were growing up...usually 3 or more times a week. I am still using that same frying pan with almost no loss of non-stick quality. I am amazed at how great this skillet turned out to be. I HIGHLY recommend Belgique.

                                            1. I bought a set from Lazarus in Indianapolis back in 1992, fresh out of college. Its been GREAT! I have 4-5 All-clad skillets (fully jacketed SS w/copper "insides"); while the AC's are "better" in terms of the rivets, the Belgique skillets which are welded, have held up perfectly, and show no signs of failing. Out of a 20+ piece set, I had one sauce pan fail last year where the bottom separated from the copper insides. I think I paid, for the entire 20 piece set, what 2 12" AC skillets would cost me now. A great buy!

                                              1. I have a Belgique 8" frypan, bought at Macys about a year ago. It's the plain stainless, not the copper bottom, btw. Very nice pan, love the handle too. I was going to buy the 10" afterward, but then discovered that it can't be bought 'open stock' and I don't need a set.

                                                I happen to like the bulbous shape of the saucepans, and the handles as well because they're the same as the frypan ones, and the fact that they have glass lids which I prefer. However, again.... the smallest unit they can be bought in is a pair of the 1 qt and 2 qt ones, and even those are only available in copper clad bottom. But eventually I bought the pair, and returned them the next day. Why? Because when I washed them prior to use, I discovered that water gets inside the lid via the metal band around the edge... and the lid does not come apart for cleaning. Yes I'm fussy, and it would drive me nuts that I can't clean and dry the ENTIRE lid (none of my other glass lids have metal rims, but are all one piece, and naturally none of those fit onto the Belgique pans) -- so I returned them. Too bad, because the pans themselves are nice but I hate the construction of the lids.

                                                1. i have had a set of belgique pots and pans for four years. i couldnt wait to get them and they have served me well. over the last year i have really started cooking some pretty intricate dishes and have found the pans to be not the super-est. Recently i bought an all-clad stainless 12 inch pan and absolutely love it! even heating, beautiful browning,easy cleanup-hopefully it will last a lifetime! i got a great deal on the all-clad at tjmaxx. i am also considering some emerilware pans made by all-clad. the price difference is insane! (however emerilware is made in china, and i am not a huge supporter of chinese imports) i have teenagers that also use my pans and love to burn things in them so i really cannot afford the full spectrum of all-clad pieces that i want. to sum up my input: the belgique is great if you are just starting out! PS no high heat (careful over medium heat on an electric range
                                                  ge) and i use soft scrub to clean my pans!

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                                                    Like poster's AVSHowtime and metalgrannie, I too got my set from Burdines (mine came as a housewarming gift from my parents, so I know that this was in winter of 1994). I cook at home almost everyday, and I am amazed how adept I have become in using the Belgique cookware. Water will boil on Medium electric heat on my glass topped electric Kitchen Aid range, so it is important not to use high heat on these! The instructions that came with them, a little booklet I still have, makes this very clear.

                                                    Funny thing, people are talking about this stuff as if it is entry level. That was not my understanding when we got my set - I had been lusting after them but could not afford them. I guess the price dropped (plus I make 500% more than I did back in 1994!).

                                                    I use my Belgique steamer 4 times a week, and you would think the stuff was brand new. The only other thing in my typical arsenal is a cast iron skillet and a Kitchen-Aid 1.5qt saucepan that I love for making my own tomato sauce (which is all I've ever used it for!).

                                                    Those who remember Burdines - it became Dillard's which became Macy's. The Burdines in Sarasota at SouthGate Mall was kind of a pit as far as department stores go, but I am sure glad they carried the "good stuff from Belgium."

                                                    1. re: Goyescas

                                                      Small world - that's the same Burdines that I bought my Belgique at in 1993!

                                                      I originally posted back in 2010 about the anodized frypans with the silicone handles that burn your hands. I think I figured out what is causing the intermittent burning from the handle. I had the frypan tilted in order to get the excess grease out of the pan from frying burgers and the longer it was tilted, the hotter the handle got. I believe that it is water that gets trapped in the handle from washing it.

                                                      I did report it to the safety commission - don't know if they took them off the market or not.

                                                    2. re: melissa143

                                                      I have had Belgique cookware for 4 years, a 12 pot set. I and just had my first disaster and it was a big one.. The saucepan began to smoke when I was boiling water and then the metal between the outer plate and the stainless steel pan began to melt. Molten metal was dripping from the pot as I rushed it to the sink. It dripped all over and burned holes in my linoleum floor. Some of the molten drops fell on me and burned my skin.
                                                      I felt grateful that I was right there to catch it as more molten metal could have fallen, destroyed more and burned me more seriously.
                                                      I looked at another website and found this problem reported at least 5 times.
                                                      BEWARE!!!! I would recommend getting rid of the pots you have and not buying them if you are thinking of it.

                                                    3. I have had Belgique cookware for 4 years, a 12 pot set. I and just had my first disaster and it was a big one.. The saucepan began to smoke when I was boiling water and then the metal between the outer plate and the stainless steel pan began to melt. Molten metal was dripping from the pot as I rushed it to the sink. It dripped all over and burned holes in my linoleum floor. Some of the molten drops fell on me and burned my skin.
                                                      I felt grateful that I was right there to catch it as more molten metal could have fallen, destroyed more and burned me more seriously.
                                                      I looked at another website and found this problem reported at least 5 times.

                                                      1. The line with the glass tops are garbage!!!! Water gets trapped between the seals. This can cause illness; which is THE LAST thing you want to happen to someone eating your cooking.

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                                                          I totally agree!!! I bought a 10" covered fry pan, with glass lid. I am not happy with my purchase at all. Not only water gets trapped between the seal of the lid, my pan also had some dark stains on the inside bottom of the pan after one use - kind like rust - almost looks like burnt food stain - but it is not because it use it to boil green beans. I tried cleaning with by soaking with dish detergent, scrubbing and soaking with baking soda and dish detergent, the thing won't come off. I use bar keeper's friend, and the thing came off, along with some other metallic color like (dark grey) that came off too. So the pan looks almost brand new, upon using the pan the 2nd time, those marks came back. I got this pan from Macy's in Dec. Very disappointed with this line, although i must say, they don't make cookware like they used to back in the days. I am talking about the late 80s early 90s - they are of quality and they lasted.

                                                        2. In my humble opinion the best coffee maker ( and I've been around the block at least once!). Invest in a BUNN for home use it's called BUNN-O-MATIC . It has a reservoir to hold your hot, hot and ready coffee or what-ever water. So you get restaurant quality coffee in ONE minute. My sister bought my first one ( of course she had one also!) ,that one lasted about 7 or 8 years. I've been using my most resent one about 5 years now. Personally I can't see owning any thing else. This is straight up.