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Mar 5, 2008 08:55 PM

Food gift for a hostess -- irresistible and found only in Vancouver?

I'm staying a friend's place in Vancouver (near UBC) for six days over the Easter long weekend. In addition to bringing some homemade jam, I'd like to gift her with a local and irresistible food, i.e. something that will be her new favourite thing to eat in the city. It's best if the item is portable and relatively non-perishable (nothing that will melt or spoil in the time it takes for me to walk it from the store to her home).

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. There is a nice bakery in Dunbar, not too far from where you are:

    There is also a nice selection of BC Foods at:

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    1. re: jewels_vancouver

      when did that BUTTER bakery open? It looks amazing. Are they all natural?

      1. re: jewels_vancouver

        Thanks, jewels. You had me at "butter." I'll definitely check out the bakery when I get there. Anything in particular that you'd recommend?

        And, wow, Edible British Columbia is a veritable treasure trove of BC foods. I might order some vanilla beans for myself. Thank you!

        1. re: aktivistin

          I think Butter opened rounf November-ish of last year. It is family run with all the members of the fam helping out in various aspects of the business. really nice people.

          I thought the marshmallows were great-something I wouldn't make for myself and a treat! Also, liked the lemon loaf. The lemon icing is lemony and the right balance of sweet and tart.

          Another BC treat that they have at Edible BC is the C salts. C is a pretty renowned restaurant with their own line of products. Great salt is something that people do not usually splurge on for themselves, but is always nice to get. Same with special olive oil. One my favorites to give as a gift is the "O" brand that they sell at Urban Fare. I always give it as a gift and rarely buy it for myself.

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            thanks for the background, I love that it is a family place.

      2. My favourite local-ish food is candied salmon. It's cured fish, so it will definnitely not perish on your walk home. And boy is it delicious. I'd recommend it over smoked salmon any day.

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        1. re: miss_bennet

          This isn't truly local anymore - but is truly delicious.

          1. re: sarah galvin

            Not truly local anymore? What do you mean? I"ve never seen it outside coastal BC and the Puget Sound.

            1. re: miss_bennet

              I can buy it at Boyd's Seafood and Sunterra in Calgary.

              1. re: sarah galvin

                Ok. That kind of makes sense. But I'm guessing that there aren't many salmon in Alberta to smoke. Just as they serve "Alberta Beef" at restaurants here.

                But I definitely get what you're saying; if it's available elsewhere (Costco), is somewhat loses its locavore appeal.

                1. re: miss_bennet

                  yeah! Not many salmon here to smoke but it is available here. I thought aktivistin was looking for something only found in Van. That would be difficult in this day and age!

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                I've bought some at the fish counter at Sobey's here in Okotoks, AB.

                1. re: GaryR

                  Costco in Calgary sells it for 9.99 a bag.

            2. re: miss_bennet

              I hadn't heard of candied salmon--thanks for the tip. I'm very, very intrigued!

              1. re: aktivistin

                Candied salmon is delicious. THey sell it at both fish stalls on Granville Island for sure.

            3. The best coffee shop in the world are in Vancouver and Caffe Artigiano is the best there is..
              Give her a gift card which any true Vancouverite will be so honored to get!
              Outstanding latte's and capp's..


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              1. re: Beach Chick

                So-called 'candied Salmon' is just hot smoked Salmon that's been brined with as much or more sugar (generally Brown occasionally Maple Syrup) as salt.

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                  For coffee, I would also recommend grabbing a pound of the locally roasted beans at 49th Parallel on W. 4th. Newly opened, the guy who opened it roasts for Artigiano's and really knows his coffee.

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                    With a Caffe Artigiano now open here in Calgary, I can concur. But my friend already loves Artigiano, and I want to introduce her to something new!

                  2. How about a local chocolatier? This would likely be more for me than for her, but I'm sure we can share. :)

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                        1. re: jewels_vancouver

                          Thanks for the link. Those Peelers are calling my name.