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Mar 5, 2008 08:52 PM

Italian in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst

An Italian Restaurant called Lemoncello, opened up on the forgotten corner of Ithaca Street and Baxter, just a block away from Roosevelt where the 7 stops at 82nds street. Its prices are high for the neighborhood, but the food is fresh and tasty. I had seafood with linguine and my friend had the fillet of sole. Everything was light with fresh tomatoes and garlic. they are defiantly trying to make it a special dining experience. Their menu is extensive and so are their prices. I can tell they really thought about what the restaurant was going to be, it is an anomaly in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. It was a nice change to the other fare in the neighborhood, if you didn’t want something pungent or pollo a la brasa. It is a family business, and everyone is working and the walls are painted bright yellow hence the name: Lemoncello. Has anyone else gone there?

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    1. Uh oh... they miss spelled limoncello... Judging by that review (and my own opinions) I'd say to just go to Parkside in Corona. Jackson Heights hasn't had an Italian business since the 70s. Same for Corona (80s excluding a few places) but the mafiatastic nature of Parkside preserved it quite well.