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Mar 5, 2008 08:49 PM

pizza dough in ann arbor?

i want to make pizza at home this weekend, and rather than make my own dough, i thought there might be a good bakery in town that sells pizza dough. my parents buy pizza dough from an italian bakery near their home, and if there is something similar around the ann arbor area, i'd love to hear about it!

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  1. From the deafening silence, I'd say you're out of luck. However, it might be worth a try to go to Whole Foods. They make and sell fresh out-of-the-oven pizza there, by the slice. Maybe they'd sell you some pizza dough. Just a thought.

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      Is there a Great Harvest Bread Company anywhere near Ann Arbor? I know there's one in Commerce Township, about half an hour away. They do provide the pizza dough for the pizza place next to it.

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        Yes, there is a Great Harvest in AA, in the center where Busch's is on S. Main. (It's in the back/to the left of Busch's.) Never seen pizza dough, but they do have focaccias.

        Sounds like there's an opening for Kramer's make-your-own pizzeria from "Seinfeld"!

    2. Check Trader Joe's. They have pizza dough at their Farmington Hills store, probably in Ann Arbor too.

      1. thanks, everyone! I am going to check out Whole Foods and Great Harvest in AA. I also might ask the next time I eat at Silvio's. I've tried the Trader Joe's brand and it's good for buying and freezing and using later, but it doesn't have that super fresh, dough-y taste that i'm looking for. So, perhaps i'll have to just make it myself -- I think I'll try this recipe:

        1. Ok, this is old school Ann Arbor, but maybe it still applies?
          When I worked for Pizza Bob's, the Del Rio bought dough from us. I think it was just the whole wheat dough.

          Del Rio is now defunct, and Pizza Bob's has since changed hands. But PB is kind of an "on the down low" type place, so maybe you can swing a deal with them.

          1. I make my own pizzas and get my dough from Whole Foods. Homemade pizza dough is pretty simple as well.

            If Silvo happens to let you buy pizza dough, let me know, because I love his pizza!