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Mar 5, 2008 07:07 PM

New kosher subway -- gan eden c'kedem

Today I celebrated with many kosher wall-streeters by toasting Jared with a one-hundred percent rabbinically approved subway sub. It was delicious. The line was long but moved quickly. I want to give my highest recommendation to this newest addition to the kosher-but-tastes-oh-so-treifalicious family of restaurants.

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  1. what cross streets?
    Water & ????
    28 Water comes out in Brooklyn
    when you use google maps.

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    1. re: Joe Berger

      came out on the corner of Water St and Broad St. when I put into mapquest

      1. re: berel

        The cross streets and Water and Broad, but I wouldn't recommend that Subway at all. First, as a bit of background I've eaten in other Kosher subways and I understand what they are and aren't supposed to be.

        Now, to get to this specific Subway. First of all, the prices are outrageous. A 6" sub costs between $8 and $11 depending on the sub. A footlong costs between $11 and $17. If you want soy cheese that's an extra $1-2. For that price you get a tiny amount meat and a smattering of rather pathetic looking vegetables. The lettuce looked like it was the scraps from a bag. For a price comparison a 6" Corn Beef sub costs $10, at Essex the Corn Beef sandwich costs $10.50 and comes with a lot more and higher quality meat. I'm tempted to try their meatball sub, but beyond that at their prices/quality I can't recommend Subway over Essex.

        1. re: avitrek

          I was there yesterday, and agree wholeheartedly - you can do better for the same price at essex (for goodness sakes, I think the meat was out of a vacuum-pack!). The only thing they have going for them is decent bread for a deli - definitely not worth the premium price.

          1. re: Beerhound

            I've been there twice now.

            I agree Essex is better but:

            Location (it's around the corner from my work, while essex is a bit of a schlep).
            Speed (as was mentioned before, the line moves fast).
            Variety of breads, toppings, meats, etc.
            The meat quality isn't terrible - it's no quality deli, but that's not what they're going for

            Frankly the biggest negative is price. Both times I went lunch cost me $15. That's just too high for lunch.
            Sure the meat is vacuum packed, but that's to be expected.