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Mar 5, 2008 07:01 PM

W. 30's and 9th Avenue

I just moved to this neighbourhood. Any suggestions of good places to eat for Thai, Japanese, French, Pizza, American, Mexican/Spanish, anything? Also, suggestions of good grocery stores/markets and bakeries? Looking for cheap eats to moderately expensive ($20-$30). Take out to dine in to delivery.
Especially interested in suggestions of grocery stores....I live near a Gristedes and hate the produce quality.

Many Thanks!

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    1. Pizza -- Lazzara
      Falafel -- Pick-A-Pita
      Japanese curry -- Go go curry
      Grocery stores -- Whole Foods on 24th and the "Farmers Market" on 9th near Port Authority
      Seafood -- Sea Breeze
      Bakery -- Posiedon, Amy's

      If you want to go East of Broadway, you've got a lot more options. And you've got all the 9th Ave options North of 40th Street.

      1. great fried chicken (take-out only) - Piece of Chicken (45th just east of 9th)
        v. good bar burger - Lansdowne Road (10th & 43rd)
        supermarket - Food Emporium, 42nd & 10th
        cheap-ish butcher - 9th btwn 41st & 42nd
        great tacos - Tehuitzingo, 10th & 47th
        great mexican sandwich ("cemita") - Tulcingo, 10th & 46th
        german food & beer - Hallo Berlin, 10th & 44th

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          Produce/fruit - Stile's 41 St/9th Ave
          Bakery - Trio 9th Ave bet 36 St & 37 St
          Butcher - Espositio 38th and 9th Ave
          Mexican - Burritoville 39th off of 9th
          Italian and heroes - Hero Boy 9th bet 37 and 38 Sts