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Mar 5, 2008 06:32 PM

Menu reco's for Joule? (SEA)

Based in part on buzz here and elsewhere, went to Joule a few weeks ago and was pretty underwhelmed. Had the gnocchi which looked interesting on the menu, but came out bland and dough-y... and then the short ribs which were tough, dry and nearly flavorless (tho the side of kimchi was interesting). My date had the branzino, which was better, but still not really a knockout.

Having since seen a couple more rave reviews, I really want to go back - and am hoping to navigate the menu better next time. Can anyone share some personal picks?

Looking at their online menu... I am thinking the beef soup, the shiitake lasagna, pork dumpling and maybe the octopus entree this time???

Love to hear any inside scoop! Thanks!!!

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  1. i like the shittake lasagna, the sweetbreads tonnato, the short ribs (if they came out poorly for you, which they never have for me, you should simply send them back (as you would at any steak place) and they will redo them i'm sure). Not as much of a fan of the beef soup. I think they may have changed their menu since you were last there?

    1. We just went last week, and loved it (I did a blog post on it, if you want to see pictures of what we got). I particularly liked the shiitake lasagna, the short rib (served with enoki mushrooms - yum) and the beef soup (the soup was a bit salty but really, really good). Next time I was hoping to try the ribs and one of the fish dishes.

      1. they serve fish flown in from Europe (how fresh can it be I wonder) when here in the PNW we have GREAT locally caught fresh fish and seafood .....