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Mar 5, 2008 06:24 PM

Huckleberry mousse?

I have a good chocolate mousse recipe. Do you think I can substitute out the chocolate and substitute in some frozen huckleberries? Should I puree them first? Semi-puree them? Cook them down? Thaw them?

I want to make a chocolate mousse and a huckleberry one. The mousse recipe has cream, separated egg whites and yolks, a little vanilla, a little sugar, and butter.

Alternatively, if you have a berry mousse recipe I can use, I'd appreciate it!


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  1. The NYT had a great one several years ago. Try this link

    If that doesn't work, I got to it by googling "raspberry mousse" "new york times". It was the 3rd on the page with the title: "Food; The Raspberry Statement." It is a delicious recipe and I think it would adapt well to the huckleberries. Maybe cut the sugar a tad?