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Mar 5, 2008 06:20 PM

Suggestion to places visit on food production around the GTA for a Field Trip assignment

I am a GB student, my group have to do a field trip assignment and presentation by visiting a place which relate to the production of foods or beverages, Some other groups in my class have visited places for chocolate and beer production , my group is looking for some different place to visit,any suggestion where I can go in the downtown area? Or any one in here own a place and can let us come visit?

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  1. How about Ace Bakery?

    1. You could visit a comercial bakery. There are a few fairly close to George Brown. There is Silverstein's on McCaul @ Dundas, Brick Street Bakery in the Distillllery district,(or at Queen and Logan), and I believe there is Stonemill Bakery in St. Lawrence Mkt.

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        Or maybe you could contrast a small scale, artisanal operation like St. Johns with the industrial food systems. There's a Dempsters plant in Liberty Village.

      2. Soma for chocolate. They make their own from the beans. Delicious.

        55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

        1. I remember walking by a tofu making factory in Kensington Market awhile back and it looked really cool (they had the door propped open so you could see inside). You would never guess they were making tofu. I think it's "Fong On's Rice Noodle and Tofu Factory" at 46 Kensington. I don't remember seeing the noodles, but that could be cool too! It would be something different!

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            You could call HARBORD Bakery on Harbord Street, west of Spadina...the 'group' might enjoy seeing how 'Bagels' are made..since they now seem to be one of our 'basic' bread choices these days.....

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              Try St. John's Bakery. They are affiliated with a local church and are very big in to community work. I'm certain they would be helpful.

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              Fong On Foods. Stinking up K-Market for over 25 years.

              I used to live at 38 Kensington, and couldn't eat tofu for years because of this place. Tofu smells really bad when it's being made, and they used to dump buckets of the sludgy tofu water into the gutter out front. But agreed, definitely a unique place to do a report on.

              There's also a fortune cookie factory on Huron Street which could be interesting as well.

            3. Why don't you try to go to Eiginsinn Farm? I know it's outside of the GTA, but it would be a GREAT field trip. Heck, I might even drive you up there if I can come.