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Mar 5, 2008 06:18 PM

Name your favorite burger joint!

I must admit, I am totally smitten with the idea of a good burger. As a kid, my family and I would head to Stonington to where we docked our boat, and the most treasured place along the way was Harry's in Colchester. Everything about it just smacks of my childhood. The shady trees, the green picnic tables, the tiny but delicious burgers with those mushy buns, it all can sent me on a steam train back to a simpler time.
And, in Manchester, Shady Glen was the best of all for a good burger. And, they have darn good icecream too.

Where do you swear has the best burger, and what else makes it special in your brain?

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  1. Not to far from Stonington, Maine that is, is Cleonise in Ellsworth. For lunch they have a sweet little lamb burger on a French roll w/ roasted red potatoes. Makes beef burgers seem bland.

    1. As a kid I loved Fudruckers. Don't know why - I think it was more the atmosphere than anything (I don't remember how the burgers were, just that huge case of meat). I remember going there with my dad (down by Arnie's Place in Norwalk) - whenever I think if Hamburgers I think of them.

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      1. re: HunterJay

        I remember a Fuddrucker's in Westport right next to Arnie's Place. I don't remember there being one in Norwalk, though. For a chain, the burgers were pretty good. The meat was always ground fresh. It was a good place to bring kids. I've been meaning to try Five Guys in Newtown.

        1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

          The former Narragansett Clam Shack called the Starboard Galley, best flame broiled flavor of any burger. The Beef Barn in North Smithfield, RI and Stanley's in Central Falls, RI. I can't leave out Haven Brother's burger trailer in dowtown Providence, RI.

          1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

            That's right. Westport. It's been a long, long, time.

            1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

              Arnie's Place and Fuddruckers - you guys are bringing me back in time. :-)

              I remember Fuddruckers let you fix the burger toppings yourself. I used to like the lettuce and the liquidy cheese you could ladle on.

          2. In my opinion the best burgers in CT are to be found at Clamp's on route 202 in New Milford. It's a wooden shack on the side of the road that has been there since the 30's. It has no sign, and doesn't really need one, just look for a bunch of cars and people sitting at giant wooden cable spools. They use good quality beef, that cooks on the ancient griddle with the fried onions. I suspect part of the appeal is also due to it's seasonal nature, eating indoors in the winter might take something away. (i recommend a white birch beer to wash it down)

            I must also tip my hat to the original burger joint, Louis Lunch, without whom none of this would be possible.

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            1. re: EastRocker

              Oh, I'm going to have to try Clamps. That's not too far from me.

              A lamb burger would be heaven. Never had one, but now I'm craving it!

              There's a great sort of gourmet burger place in Norwalk. I'll have to look up the name, but it's right by the Super 8 movie theatre, and they have a more sophisticated type of burger, and they have these outstanding sweet potato french frieds. We had great, very friendly service, a nice glass of microbrew, and the burger was big, flavorful and unique.

            2. Plan B West Hartford and Simsbury CT

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              1. re: brookerme

                Soon to be another Plan B in Glastonbury. Upstairs from Sauce, I think.

                1. re: jkuhlen

                  Across the parking lot jk. Not above Sauce.

                  1. re: thos

                    Glastonbury just opened, anyone been yet?

              2. I haven't had anything truly wonderful here (burger-wise) in CT for many years. Big Top Shop in Westport was my fave, it closed when I was 8 I think. (Fuddrucker's in westport used to LOSE $$ on me because I would practically drink the liquid cheese) Overton's in Norwalk makes a good divey clam shack cheeseburger but no big shakes it is as good as the duchess double cheese.

                Five guys in Orange is allright but I don't think they even come close to in 'n' out on the west coast.

                Can anyone comment on Louis Lunch? (my husband is obsessing on this but I don't think it's as good as he thinks it is) or Ted's Steamed Cheese burgers in Meriden *I think*? (If they are like white castle I think I'd like that).

                The lamb burger sounds delish :)

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                1. re: debvil

                  The burgers at Louis Lunch are good but not as good as most people make them out to be. Having said that, you have to go to Louis Lunch at least once for the sake of culinary history and tradition. Here's an entry from a friend's food blog that talks about Louis Lunch as well as Pepe's.


                  1. re: debvil

                    I always enjoy Louis Lunch burgers, but have more mixed feelings about Shady Glen. Apart from the way they prepare (grill) the cheese, Shady Glen's burgers just don't seem as thick and juicy as they are at various other places. While Louis' burgers are not particularly thick, I find them quite flavorful.

                    1. re: howaboutthat

                      The cheese at Shady Glen might be why I like those burgers so much. They are pretty small. But, I also like that they bring the little sauce tray in order for one to top their own burger.

                      In and Out is positvely spectacular. I LOVE that place. Every time I go back to L.A. I make it a point to stop there. The last time, I made my friend stop at the In N Out right next to the airport so I could take it on the plane w/ me. Everyone was jealous!

                      And Apple Pan in L.A. is outstanding, too.

                    2. re: debvil

                      ted's steamed is really not worth the trip. went last week and could've stayed home, made a ball of meat (they aren't really burgers but more like a thick, misshapen meatball), microwaved it and had the same experience. it tasted ok but bland and was a much firmer, solid texture than i would ever want in a burger. however, my mom had a blt and their bacon was wonderfully crisp and tasty.