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Mar 5, 2008 05:32 PM

Union Square stumper

I am in search of tasty food and beer on tap in the union square area - the kind of place you can walk in (without a reservation), sit at the bar and order interesting appetizers/small plates. Nothing fancy.

Any suggestions, at all? I'll take the area defined very loosely. I ask becuase in the past few months I keep finding myself there, drawing a blank and ending up at heartland brewery (!) - and I never want to go back there.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. This may not be ideal in terms of food, but Stand has quite a selection of microbrews on tap, as well as great burgers and fries.

    1. Irving Mill- Great bar- one block east of the square on 16th. Great bar and with interesting cocktails and lovely food and snacks. You will never be forced back to the Brewery!

      1. I just went to the Global Galaxy Eatery for the first time the other day, and had delicious hemp seed/edamame burgers. It is at 15 Irving Plaza, right around the corner from the Fillmore theatre. Their menu had lots of interesting things on it.

        Yes, I know the above meal sounds weird, but I really loved it! Fun music, comfy atmosphere, and for NYC, reasonable booze prices. With tax, the burgers and a glass of wine were $18. Of course, I added tip! They have a tv for sports or news in the corner of the bar. Hope this helps.

        1. Markt - Belgian restaurant on 21st(?) and 6th... great beers/food, may get crowded on weekends though...

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            Or a little closer, La Petite Abeille (17th and 6th). Belgian beers, moules frites and good discounts. E.g. Tonight's special: $19.95 lobster dinner.

          2. Pangea on 2nd Ave and 11th. Don't know about their beer selection, but they serve food at the bar and have a decent seletion of appetizers. It's pretty casual so you can walk right in without reservations.