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Mar 5, 2008 05:18 PM

Coming to New Orleans for the first time

I'll be in New Orleans next weekend for a conference. What are the best new places in town. I already plan on going to Cochon. Any other places I should check out?

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    1. If you're looking for chow tips, first take a look through our regional message boards. You'll find tens of thousands of useful postings, including literally hundreds of replies to oft-repeated questions such as "Where are the best ribs in the South?", "Where can I eat near Lincoln Center?"...and the ever-popular matter of Brunch.

      When you post a query, you'll get better answers by being as specific as possible. "Coming from out of town, where should we eat?" is too broad to draw many helpful responses. "Where's a good place to eat lunch with kids in the Theater District, we'd like something for $20 per person or less?" or "What are my best sushi bets around 30th and 3rd?" are the types of questions most likely to draw good response. If you're posting on a statewide or regional board, please remember to include the city you're interested in - preferably somewhere in the title of your post.