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Mar 9, 2002 01:27 PM

Highland Park

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It's nice to see some conversation about Highland Park on this list (see discussion of Camilo's move to Eagle Rock, earlier thread). Anyone out there got any other recommendations about places to eat in the immediate area? I'd especially be interested to hear opinions on the best taco stand, of which there must be at least two dozen on Figueroa and York. Other recommendations also welcome. (We've know some places on Figueroa- Pescador (OK Mexican seafood chain), Las Cazuelas (good, Mexican-Salvadorean), La Estrella #2 (did not like the burritos at this taco stand), Folieros's (did not like the pasta or pizza at this "homestyle" Italian-American joint).

p.s. Thanks to this list for the recommendations on king cake several weeks ago. Gambino's was the answer.

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  1. Dunno about eating establishments in that neighborhood. We used to go to the Lawry's California Center for lunch on the patio, I don't think that is still there. There is a market in Highland Park, can't remembe the name, where they specialize in rare and classic soda pop. Maybe someone can chime in here.

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      Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

      5702 York Boulevard,
      Los Angeles, California 90042

    2. OK -- you hit the jackpot. I live in Highland Park and love to eat. While there are some good places, most of the eats are in nearby Eagle Rock. First, Highland Park -- the La Fuente chain (three locations, the two in Highland Park are on Figueroa and Monte Vista) has what L.A. Weekly called the best carnitas in town, as well as yummy chicken mole. Great, solicitous service, too. Gutter Cafe on Fig and Ave. 57 is a funky joint in an old bowling alley, but the two sisters who run it know how to cook -- they even make their own mustard and ketchup. Meat loaf, sandwiches, homemade soup, and great breakfasts. Camilo's has, unfortunately, moved to Eagle Rock. El Arco Iris on York is mid-70s traditional Mexican fare, but a nice, noir kind of atmosphere (there are always cops eating there). El Sombrero a few blocks down on York is more of the same. And Galco's, mentioned in an earlier post, is famous not only for its incredible soda pop collection -- more than 350 kinds -- but also its sandwiches to go. In Eagle Rock, we LOVE Columbo's on Colorado, a 50-year-old kitschy steak house with good food and great prices. Cafe Beaujolais is the renowned French place on Colorado, although it's gotten a bit spotty with its burgeoning popularity. Best Thai delivery is by far Sicha Siam on the edge of Glendale and Highland Park on Eagle Rock Blvd. Also try the wonderful Polka on Verdugo just over the border in Glendale -- fabulous homemade Polish food, with one-of-a-kind decor. Stuffed animals hang from the ceiling by string -- I kid you not! Anyway, I could go on and on, but that should get you started.

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        Jaha! Success. Thanks, Gloomcookie. Right on target. We know Galco's and Cafe Beaujolais well. My co-worker, a NE LA resident of 20 years, recommends La Fuente, too. And every damn time I've been by Polka I've thought to try it. (We liked Warsawa in Santa Monica, so, you know, Polish in Glassell Park/Glendale, why not?) The others, we'll try. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
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          you gotta mention Pizza Bianco on Colorado in ER.

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            Actually, it's called Casa Bianca, not Pizza Bianca, but you're right that it's fantabulous. Best pizza and antipasto salad in L.A. for my money, and, if you've got a couple gazillion calories to spare, you might want to try the pasta with four cheeses. Yum! And the Bucket's burgers are good, though I find the mustard sauce on the french fries too much.

        2. re: Gloomcookie

          I heard The Gutter closed some time ago. Not sure what is there, now. Does anyone know? I have also heard they have live music there sometimes.

          1. re: Babette

            The gutter was in an old bowling alley called Mr T's Bowl. By day it is a dive bar, at night they host rock gigs. They have only had your most basic burger flippers since the sisters left. I wisH i knew where they went. I would follow them.

            1. re: EliseT

              Has anyone yet located the whereabouts of the sisters who used to run The Gutter @ Mr. T's? I heard they had opened a new place and am dying to find it.

        3. Julio's The Bucket, a real primal dining experience
          Great burger, with a mustardy, garlicky slop on it, very good, also good shrimp cocktail on the weekends.

          On Eagle Rock, south of Colorado

          1. This is I guess Mt. Washington, but for mariscos, the blue taco truck parked at sycamore grove park with a mermaid and "estilo d.f." painted on the side has great ceviche and tostadas. i like shrimp.

            1. Gotta say the most satisfying meal I have had within a five mile radius of our house in Mt. Washington is breakfast at La Abeja.

              They're only open during the day, and it's incredibly crowded on weekends at brunch time. We call ahead and pick up.

              I always get scrambled eggs with chorizo, he gets enchiladas verdes. They come with refrieds and awesome rice. Super cheap.

              Guess the only way this place survives serving breakfast and lunch, and not every day, is because of the great taste of their food.


              Oh- any everybody in the hood keeps talking about two pizza places, one on Fig right by the movie theatre and also Luigi's? Personally, not a Casa Bianca fan- too long to wait for a pizza cut in weird little shapes that I can't charge to my card and get miles for.

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              1. re: julietg

                On Fig. and 56 is Folliero's. Was there last night for the first time in a few months, and while the pizza is as I remember it, fine, thin crust, crust a bit doughy and bland, the place looked great. They've removed a lot of the "Italian pizza place" white/red/green tile from the walls to leave exposed brick, and with Dave Brubeck playing, for real, it almost felt hip! Imagine, in Highland Park. At any rate, the food is fine as always, and super cheap, but go to be at the one restaurant in Highland Park that truly serves a cross-section of the neighborhood, and now, to feel like you're in a downtown loft!

                1. re: sbudick

                  now THAT'S a sign of gentrification in highland park - folliero's looking like a downtown loft. (that and the art galleries popping up everywhere.)

                  1. re: sbudick

                    The pizza at Foliero's is even better when you specify thin crust.