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Mar 5, 2008 04:33 PM

salted herbs

i received an enormous jar of les herbes salees du bas du fleuve (from Quebec) from a friend for christmas. recipes? ideas? it takes up almost a quarter of my fridge!

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  1. Share the stuff with some of your friends and neighbors.

    I just googled a website that lists the ingredients of the stuff. I looks as if the stuff can be used in soups, omelets (I prefer frittatas), and sauces. I hope that salt is the last ingredient in the list.

    1. I found this recipe for leg of lamb. Sounds yummy!

      Also found the recipe for making the salt itself:

      Think I'm going to have to make the salt so I can try the lamb! Thanks for leading me here!

      1. no prob, morwen.

        i'm not trying to get rid of it quickly, its more that it's sitting there oh-so-obviously reminding me that i am not using it to it's full advantage. ive run across a couple ideas, mostly just "add to pea soup." that recipe for lamb looks amazing!

        yes, indeed, salt is the last ingredient. i think the proportions (at least in some recipes i have seen) are 7 cups of herbs and veggies to 1/4-1/2 cup of salt.