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Mar 5, 2008 04:32 PM

New Zhong Hing -- Chinatown's newest Fujianese

If you think that Good Good Taste, that rough and ready soup shop with a banquet room in back, is just too touristy now that they've finally printed a menu in English, I've got a place for you. Just walk a few doors down to 30 Market St and up a flight of stairs. There's a big high-ceiling room dominated by a huge oil painting of horses that's so bad it just might start a trend. The food is Fujianese, everyone there is Fujianese, and the menu is only in Chinese. The harried but nonetheless friendly waitress speaks only Chinese, but there are usually a bunch of 12 year olds, probably the owner's children, who help out if and when they feel like it but are always happy to practise their English.

The first time I went, several weeks ago, it was just about empty. This time it was packed, so full I wouldn't have gotten a seat if an elderly man hadn't let me share his table. At one table in the corner, twelve loud and happy young guys squeezed around a banquet and a lot of beer. There was even a back room I hadn't seen before, also full.

Last month I had a casserole, taro and pig's intestine in a rich, creamy sauce. This time, also a casserole, seafood and dofu. Not much seafood, just tiny shrimp and some squid, lots of vegetables -- but what can you expect for $10, rice and tax included? And the broth was wonderful, made it into an ersatz bouillabaise. They have lots of other dishes, something called Yellowsquash Fish prepared three ways, and a frog in XO sauce casserole for $13. I'll be back to try them.

New Zhong Hing
30 Market St

New Zhong Hing
30 Market St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. now that's the stuff! always appreciate your recommendations, brian, because you're about the most boundary free eater out here. while i know this isn't the place for too much autobiography, i got inured to innards and such thanks to my grandma, who routinely made such Polish classics as flaczki (intestines) and czarnina (duck blood soup). i've found the former in some greenpoint places, but if anyone has a line on the latter, please say the word!!

    1. Can you recommend some places in C-town with a menu in English that have good offal dishes, intestines and stomach of beef or pig especially? This place sounds great but the language issue would block me. I love tripe and stomach but am tired of the typical tripe noodle soup at so many places in C-town.


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        A lot of places do great stuff with pig's intestines. New Big Wang and Amazing 66, for example. They have pig's stomach too, but it's expensive. Also Little Pepper and Chengdu Heaven in Flushing. Taiwanese and Fujianese places use a lot of offal. Check out my comments on Best Fuzhou... I had two great offal dishes there. Congee Village does fish intestine baked with eggs. Coatzingo in Jackson Heights does goat rumen sauteed with goat's blood... Mexican style!

      2. Things have changed since you moved to the heartland. Alas, even New Langqi Zhong Hing, as the exterior sign now says, has an English language menu. (It was still Chinese only when I last visited there a couple of years ago.) I probably had the greatest food bargain of the century there tonight. A decent sized order of flat egg noodles with peanut sauce, double the portion at Ah Ping Snack Bar, plus a cup of soup, for a total cost of $2.00. Of course, food bargains abound in the Fujianese part of Chinatown. Strangely, though, half the items on the menu at New Langqi Zhong Hing are priced between $10 and $20.

        Ah Ping Snack Bar
        2 E Broadway, New York, NY 10038

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          I wish I were there. I read about the new stuff in Flushing and I get so hungry...

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            We await your return. Love the work you are doing in Tulsa!

        2. I am still searching for those Foo Joy style Fukienese pork chops with the reddish tinge. Anyone know if this new place has them?
          I'll have to give the place a try.

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            All of the Fujianese restaurants on and just off of East Broadway have pork chops on the menu. They usually have at least three or four varieties, most commonly "Peking" pork chops. I think somebody would have to do a field test to see if that particular variety is being served.