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Mar 5, 2008 03:43 PM

good breakfast between AC and Cape May

I am driving from Atlantic City to Cape May this Sunday, along the coast, and wondered if there might be a great place for breakfast. Any ideas would be appreciated,

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  1. Not sure if they're open off season, but Varsity Inn on 8th Street in Ocean City has a killer selection of omelettes.

    1. The place in the back of Smith's Clam bar in Somers Point has a reputation for breakfast with the blue collar crowd. Not sure if they're open Sunday.

      Fitzpatrik's Deli or the Point Diner in Somers Point would also be good.

      1. The finest breakfast will be found in Cape May at THE MADD BATTER on Jackson St.
        It's next door to The Virginia House, and their restaurant; The Ebbitt Room is one of the very few good restaurants in South Jersey. (There aren't more than a half dozen good ones in the entire 609 area code.)

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          Love it, another Madd Batter rave! The brunch at the MB is terrific in every way and FREE if you stay overnight at the Inn. The sun porch dining room is a wonderful way to start the day!

        2. another vote for the mad batter - love their pancakes!

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            MB's almond french toast is equally yummy!