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Mar 5, 2008 03:38 PM

Good Meat Place/Butcher in K/W/C

Anybody have suggestions as to where I can get quality meats (especially pork) in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area that isn't a chain supermarket and not Central Fresh Mart? Perhaps a place that's slightly reminiscent of Cumbrae's or someplace less fancy. I'm also willing to entertain places a few minutes outside of town. Thanks

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  1. Have you tried the Kitchener Farmers' Market or St. Jacob's Farmers' Market?
    Unfactory Farm and Charles Quality Meats at the Market might be good places to start.

    If you're interested in Beef, in Petersburg near New Hamburg is an option. Or in Guelph. But you'd have to buy at least 20-30 lbs.

    Also, McCully's in St. Mary's sells naturally raised lamb, turkey and pork. I've been really happy with the lamb I've bought from McCully's. But that would probably a 40 minute drive from KW.

    1. I've also heard good things about Brady's (in the plaza at the corner of Phillip and Albert Sts. in Waterloo). Not sure how it measures up to phoenikia's suggestions, mind you (I don't cook a lot of meat!).

      1. You could try Osogood Butcher's in Waterloo. Part of the "Eat Local, Eat Fresh" group - I understand the pork is from their own farm too. Great prices and very good quality, very friendly staff and butchers that are very willing to answer questions and help you.
        But be warned - Friday and Saturday mornings the place is BUSY.

        1. I like Brady's. They have a location in the St. Jacobs market, but the selection is better at their Albert St. location.

          I also like Stemmlers Meats in Heidelberg. Fresh, local, high quality pork is VERY easy to find in K/W.