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Good caterer east of the caldecott tunnel?

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We're having family in from all over the country to celebrate our son's baptism in May. Any recommendations for a good caterer east of the caldecott tunnel for a reception afterwards? Many thanks for your assistance.

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  1. You might want to try Bon Vivant Catering in Livermore. Kim has been extremely nice during the planning process for my cousin's wedding and my co-worker really liked her food when he got married last October.

    1. I highly recommend Barbara Llewellyn. She is based in Oakland, but I have been to several events she has done east of the Caldecott. She did a retirement lunch for my boss and I was very pleased. I have attended some fabulous cocktail parties she has catered...the hors d'ouevres are great. Her website is www.barbarallewellyn.com.

      1. Jayne Byrd is fantastic. Her number is 925 934-5656. She has her own signature dishes, but will certainly be happy to consult with you if you have a specific menu in mind. I have attended a dozen or so parties that she catered in the Orinda area.