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Mar 5, 2008 03:09 PM

Pars (?) - Persian (Italian) in Westchester

I live in the area and drive by this place all the time. I beleive it is called Pars. I also receive a large amount of of mailers from them describing a huge menu. The menu has both persian (barg; soltani; polo) and italian (pizza, pasta, etc.) dishes.

Has anyone tried either or and are either the persian or italian items worth trying? Is this just another example of "jack of all trades; master of none"?

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  1. I love Pars! I don't go for the Italian (it's a bit weird--one side of the menu is Persian; flip it over and it's Italian) but for the Persian. I've had the chicken and fish which were great and you have to get the rice w/barberries (like baby cranberries but sweeter). They also have awesome garlic rolls. If I'm ever in the area, I will try to stop by there.

    1. If it weren't for the Buggy Whip (aka The Burning Horse), also in Westchester, Pars would be the worst restaurant in the Western Hemisphere. The Italian is bland, uninspired, bland, noxious, bland, gloppy, bland, mundane, bland, mediocre. The "Persian" is worse. They try to make up for the atrocious food with bad service & relatively high prices. The decor is quite tacky, tho.

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        Gotta ditto this. We went to Pars, and were horrified at how bland the food was, and how high the price tag. We spent more than we would have spent at Shamshiri or Javan or any number of places, and got a very unsatisfying meal. It's a shame, too, because we dine out a lot and if it had been even moderately good, it's so close to our house that we would have been regulars.

        I really wish there was better Persian food in this neighborhood. I am Iranian, so occasionally I'll get the craving and won't have the energy to cook it, but the only way to satisfy the craving is to drive into Westwood.

      2. I've been there before, a couple of years ago.. The Persian food was not up to par with excellent LA standards.