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Shad Roe in NoVa?

I am looking for a source for shad roe in Northern Virginia, which should be in season now. I've got guests coming in from out of town on Friday that insist that I procure some of the stuff. Does anyone know of a place where I can get it? In years past, Whole Foods usually had it, particularly the one in Vienna which has a great seafood counter. Any tips welcome.


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  1. Whole Foods in Clarendon has it.

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      Thank you for all of the replies. Whole Foods in Vienna and Falls Church did not have it, but in Clarendon did. I got three pairs for $38 which looked great, but the remaining two that they had out looked pretty rough (one had burst).

      I also got a couple of filets of shad at $10/lb which look fantastic!

    2. I thought I was it at eemart on gallows rd in marrifield.

      1. Wegman's in Fairfax has it -- large and very good looking.

        1. I saw some at Balducci's in Old Town.

          1. what are the prices you're seeing - I saw $9.50 per sac today.

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              That's around the price I'm seeing as well. I think Eastern Market had some for 10.95/sac or something.

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                that's where I saw it for 9.50. does look robust. has food cost just blown through the roof? I swear it was around 6 just a year or two ago.

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                  I thought it was more expensive than usual as well! I understand that it's more expensive to ship food around these days with gas prices soaring and all, but shad roe is local, so I don't see the reason for the price increase. I have to admit that I still bought some. A few extra bucks for a yummy, limited time dinner? DEFinitely worth it!

            2. I'm always happy with Wegmans' Shad Roe. MMM. Shad roe with crisp bacon and shallots and fresh asparagus. Spring is here.

              I also stumbled on this if you want someone else to cook it for you:

              Through May: Shad began to make its first appearance in early February and diners can enjoy this classic East Coast favorite at The Oceanaire Seafood Room from now until the end of the season, which will probably run until May. Executive chef Rob Klink has created pan-fried shad and shad roe with crisped bacon, asparagus and citrus beurre blanc, for $29. Guests can also order just the roe for $28 or just the fish for $25. The Oceanaire Seafood Room, 1201 F St. NW, Washington, DC, 202-347-BASS.