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Mar 5, 2008 02:57 PM

Midtown coffee shop or place to study

My previous searches have mostly found places mostly in/around the Village, but my friend and I live in midtown. Especially interested in places that are open late and places that don't mind patrons studying/writing papers, etc.!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you checked out The Coffee Pot on 49th and Ninth? Also you might look for places up by Fordham Law.

    Might also be more specific--what part of Midtown?

    1. A neighborhood would help a lot. Midtown is just too big of an area to give a recommendation.

      1. Midtown this isn't alas, but Le Grainne Cafe might fit the bill, in 21st and Ninth...dawdling is encouraged, as the wait stafff demonstrates so admirably.

        1. They don't let you plug anything in, but the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center (66th St.) does seem to be perpetually packed with reading / writing patrons. Most big chain coffee shops in NYC seem to be the same way.

          Not food related, but the music library at Licoln Center was always my favorite when I lived around there.

          1. Anywhere in Midtown.... one of us lives just south of Central Park and the other is coming from Chelsea. Somewere in the mid-50s (east or west) would be great.