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Mar 5, 2008 02:21 PM

cici's pizza????

I heard the radio ad's, seen the TV ad's, but have yet to venture into one of these unique pizza buffet joints....good/bad reviews??? they only have 1 location here in vegas....Thx.:)

The pics on the website shows what the variety of pizza's look like... they look just like little caesar's pizza... and they have mac & cheese pizza (sounds terrible).:(

and all this for $5 bucks.... sounds like it's gonna be not sooo great. your thoughts.

P.S.-- This was listed at the bottom of their webpage..."Our 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese is made with microbial clones.". so I guess it's not 100% real chesse.:(

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  1. uh, stay away. far away. i like "low brow" and high brow pizza, but cici's is an off-putting buffet atmosphere with dried bit toppings. i get turned off at the thought of our one time there about 10 years ago in my teens.
    but microbial clone is not very far from nature, bacteria reproduce by cloning themselves. the cici's company must just use one strain of bacteria to produce their cheese so that it's consistent. consistently bad, though.

        1. I've never eaten at Cici's. It is, however, the favorite restaurant of every child I know under the age of 8. That, to me, is quite telling.

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            Yes, and too many are allowed to run wild and grab what they want w/ their hands, put it back and move on.

          2. If you are one of those who hold to the theory that no pizza is bad pizza, it's cheap. The pizza is not horrible (it's not really good, either) and if you're into people watching and all that goes with that hobby, it's an interesting place once you get past the kids, which can take some effort because they'll cut you off for that last slice of pepperoni in a heartbeat.