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cici's pizza????

I heard the radio ad's, seen the TV ad's, but have yet to venture into one of these unique pizza buffet joints....good/bad reviews??? they only have 1 location here in vegas....Thx.:)

The pics on the website shows what the variety of pizza's look like... they look just like little caesar's pizza... and they have mac & cheese pizza (sounds terrible).:(

and all this for $5 bucks.... sounds like it's gonna be not sooo great. your thoughts.

P.S.-- This was listed at the bottom of their webpage..."Our 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese is made with microbial clones.". so I guess it's not 100% real chesse.:(

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  1. uh, stay away. far away. i like "low brow" and high brow pizza, but cici's is an off-putting buffet atmosphere with dried bit toppings. i get turned off at the thought of our one time there about 10 years ago in my teens.
    but microbial clone is not very far from nature, bacteria reproduce by cloning themselves. the cici's company must just use one strain of bacteria to produce their cheese so that it's consistent. consistently bad, though.

        1. I've never eaten at Cici's. It is, however, the favorite restaurant of every child I know under the age of 8. That, to me, is quite telling.

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            Yes, and too many are allowed to run wild and grab what they want w/ their hands, put it back and move on.

          2. If you are one of those who hold to the theory that no pizza is bad pizza, it's cheap. The pizza is not horrible (it's not really good, either) and if you're into people watching and all that goes with that hobby, it's an interesting place once you get past the kids, which can take some effort because they'll cut you off for that last slice of pepperoni in a heartbeat.

            1. Stay away, far far away. It is horrible. The salad bar is a joke. I don't think it can even be called a salad bar. The pizza is awful. Who puts mac n cheese on pizza? I know little children love it but I don't know any adults that do.

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                That the food is not good is one thing; but come on....mac and cheese on a pizza, that's brilliant if well executed.

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                  This actually came up at a family gathering - one of the youngsters suggested the mac and cheese pizza with sliced hot dog rounds on top, and the whole mess drizzled with ketchup. *shudder*

              2. I agree with the consensus that you should say "no, no" to CiCi's. If you cannot resist, at least try not to go at the end of soccer season. Even if you have kids, and love kids, there is a point at which there are too many kids.

                1. I'm not partial to this place in the least bit, but the wife and kids love it, so I find myself eating there a few times a year. Hey, at least they have a (sometimes) fresh salad bar. The cinnamon rolls are almost edible as well.

                  1. I say try CiCi's. What have you got to lose...5 bucks? I like the salad bar. It has been fresh when I've been there. The pizza has been decent basic pizza. They will make you a fresh pizza with whatever toppings you want on it. If you are taking children out to eat, it's not only good...but great.

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                      Agreed. Great value, OK pizza, decent salad bar.

                    2. If you are really hungry and don't care much about taste, this is the place for you.

                      1. I've heard this is a great place to go if you love pizza! I have never been personally but it was popular at my college...

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                          There are so many things I want to say in response to this, but I'll just keep it to: I'm glad I didn't go to your college.

                        2. So gross....

                          I'm a mom and had a friend who kept raving about what a great place Cici's was for familys...so one evening we decided to check it out. The place was packed with what me and my husband call 'Pro-Eaters' determined to stuff as much food into their gullets and really get their 5 buck worth. The dining area was filthy, the kitchen could barely keep up with replenishing the pizzas, salad bar or the 'desert' table. Blech just so gross. We couldn't eat fast enough so we could get the hell out.

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                            Couldn't eat fast enough so you could get the hell out....why'd you stay if you were so horrified?

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                              Um, yeah. I don't think I would've even stayed to eat if it was that gross.

                              And honestly, at a cheap buffet...why were you so horrified to see what you term "pro-eaters"? It's a whole lot of food for very little money.

                            2. There have been at least a couple of threads on Cici's. Here's one :


                              If you go, immediately order a whole pie while at the buffet line. I've had mushroom and spinach which wasn't horrible.

                              1. I had to attend a child's party at one of these; I can't begin to tell you how awful it was, but I guess I got my money's worth by eating about a truckload of tomatoes from the salad bar. Nothing else looked edible. Even the little kids wouldn't eat much, and that's bad.

                                1. We've taken the family there a couple of times - real cheap if you have out of town guests staying with you - but I have to say I am not a fan! Very low quality food and even lower quality service. I suppose it would be good for someone who can't cook for themselves, or doesn't really care about the quality of the food they eat.

                                  1. OK- i tried it. I thought it was great! I had the buffalo chicken and a deep dish pepperoni. They were excellent. They told me they make the dough fresh every day and they have over 20 different flavors of pizza. This place was clean, the food was fresh, and the manager made a point to ensure I had a good visit. I will definitely go back!