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Mar 5, 2008 02:09 PM

Recent closings in the North End

1. Cafe Grafitti...Already building something in the space.

2. La Brace.. There are now pizza boxes with the words "opening soon" all over the windows. The pizza boxes are from Paesans a brick oven pizzeria in Winthrop.

3. Calore fruit.. Looks like they are gutting the place.

Any word on whats going into these places? Hopefully not another mediocre red-sauce tourist trap.

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  1. There is word that Caffe Grafitti may be moving into part of the old Martignetti's space which will be subleased by Citizen's Bank,
    A fish market- Mercato di Mare is going into the Calore Fruit space.
    No word about the Pizza place taking over where La Brace was. What a shame. The food there under the original chef was quite good, but the service became more and more circus-like as time went on.

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    1. re: Pa amb Tomaquet

      Hm. I could get behind a good fish market in the North End, and had no particular love for Calore. Maybe they'd sell baby octopus!

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          Ol' Mr. Calore seemed like a nice guy. Any word on him?

        1. I heard the same thing about Grafitti going into Martignetti's. Any word on who is taking the rest of the space? I also heard about the new fish place - it's about time. There's no where to get good fresh fish since Giuffre's closed. I heard this new place is going to have a lot of other stuff besides just fish and that it's owned by two women.

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          1. re: mrlippitt

            In the Herald yesterday, they said cafe Grafitti and an upscale men's clothing store will be the first two tenants in the Martignetti's space.

            I think Citizen's Bank is just acting as the landlord, versus opening a brank there. Although I'd guess they'll put an ATM on the corner where the BOA machine used to be.

          2. I saw the guy from Calore this morning standing out front of his old store...must not know what to do. Rocco the Barber on Salem Street said he heard Caffe Grafitti was going to be a sushi joint for what its worth (seriously). Can anyone confirm or deny? I can't wait for the fish market, I miss that place on Salem Street.