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Mar 5, 2008 02:07 PM

Gelato/Sorbet in Seattle

I'm making dinner for some friends this weekend and need to come up with some tasty high quality fruit flavored gelato or sorbet for dessert. Are there any brands that folks would recommend that are available commercially? Or places that pack pints that are great?


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  1. From a Flower is local and very good, interesting flavors. Ciao gelato is from NYC, but excellent. Why not make your own? -

    1. Botegga Italiana. Best gelato around.

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        1. re: HCGirl

          I third the recommendation for Bottega. The BEST in Seattle.

          1. re: passionfoodie

            I too really think highly of Bottega. They made a pear gelato last summer which was truly outstanding. One would think that pears would not have a particularly assertive taste, but this gelato was refreshing and unique. They also make a mixed berry combination called frutti de bosco that is magnificent.

            1. re: chazuke

              There's also Gelatiamo on Union and 3rd...

              1. re: chazuke

                That reminds me (since the OP asked about fruit gelatos), I've had the pear as well and it was amazing. I've also had the watermellon flavor, the lemon flavor, and a number of other flavors (both fruit based and dairy based) and they have always been amazing. The pistacio one is especially wonderful.

                Gelatiamo is not bad, but does not even compare to Bottega IMO =)

                1. re: clearskies0810

                  Upon the recommendation of the above posters I tried Botega Italiano at Greenlake this evening with mixed results. The tiramisu flavor was the worst of the lot and I would not order it again. The vanilla with chocolate (I know it as stratiacelli) was bland, but the Nutella was very nice and the strawberry excellent - bursting with fresh berry flavor. My experience was sullied somewhat by a rude waitperson who, when I inquired about the cost of a large serving, told me to look at the sign. Apparently, she was more interested in closing at 9:00 promptly than making sure her guest was taken care of. Also, do they normally not label their flavors? It took a number of questions on my part (met by terse answers from Ms. Nine p.m.) before I settled on the above flavors. I will return, however, (and hopefully with a different service experience) to sample some of their other fruit flavors, since they seem to be the standout.

                  In light of this, the best gelato in Seattle, IMO, is to be had at Procopio's on the Pike Place Hillclimb, also available at the downtown Whole Foods. The mango flavor is sublime.

                  1. re: Roo

                    Hands down, the best gelato I've ever tasted is Capogiro, which comes from Philadelphia and is worth every penny of the $11 or so a pint it costs. You can find it at Evze on Eastlake. Definitely give the hazelnut a try - it's incredible.

                    1. re: TravelHound

                      I've been to Capogiro in Philly and it is outstanding. The product is sold frozen in the Philadelphia area, but it just doesn't compare to the freshly-made ones in their stores, even though the labeled flavors are the same. They do some very innovative combinations that are pretty amazing.

                    2. re: Roo

                      We always go to Botega in the market - pear and pistachio is the best combo. Love the pistachio, and it's not fake green.

                      1. re: thevioletpear

                        Ben & Jerry's Pistachio, Pistachio is really, really's a difficult flavor to accomplish well and their's is remarkable for a mass-produced product.....and not fake green!

          2. I put my money on Capogiro! It's made in Philadelphia and can be ordered from their website: But, you can get it in Seattle at EvZE World Gourmet: I think EvZE is the only place it's available around here. I love that the milk used is from hormone-free, grass fed cows. Also, I was comparing labels with another gelato I had in my freezer and Capogiro does not have any corn syrup. But, the main thing is this stuff tastes great!

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              Thanks for the rec, toncam! I had no idea that Capogiro stuff was sold here. The web site seems to display what appears to be a basic vanilla gelato. Is this the case, or are there other flavors there as well?

            2. is a good stop on your way to the Spanish Table. They often display local artwork as well.