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budweiser clamato

whats up with this anyways?just saw it in my local packy here in rhode island,who drinks this stuff?

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  1. In Mexico it's common (okay, not common, but not unheard-of either) to mix beer and Clamato. Not being particularly fond of Bud or Clamato, though, I'll give this one a miss.

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      Budweiser Clamato should not in any way be associated with, or detract from a good Michelada!!!

      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        Nothing against a good michelada. Cerveza, jugo de tomate, salsa Maggi, a squeeze of limon, maybe a shake of salsa picante, and we're good to go. But Clamato--no, thanks.

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          I would never use Clamato or Tomato Juice... I make mine with Clam Juice & Picante from scratch, as well as Limon etc.,... bomb.

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            You might be the only person who could persuade me to try one of these things.

    2. A friend of mine buys the beer for a local liquor store. She had me try it blind. It is the most foul liquid I have ever tasted.

      1. In the southwest they have these small cans of Snappy Tom(Not Clamato!) to add some flavor, body and nutrition to a Coors draft and other SW ilk. I think this is just a commercial rip off a long standing SW drinkiing style. Pop a top again and add a Snappy Tom instead!

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          I love Snappy Tom in a Bloody Mary. I just think it's kind of a weird way for a brewery to try and give some flavor to their beer.

        2. It's called a michelada. it's a fairly common drink in Mexico. In the southern US people have been drinking "bloody beers"(same minus the clam juice) for ages. I think the Bud Micheladas aren't bad.not the same as fresh made but not bad at all.

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            Man, as a recovering New Mexican, that was my supper many a Friday night when I was in my 20's. Thank God for Bar Nuts!

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              yeah ill stick with peanuts too.....

          2. I know several people who swear by this stuff as a hangover cure. I think I'd rather just be hungover.

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              OK IM COOL WITH THE TOMATO JUICE PART OF IT,its the clam juice part thats kinda weird to me.and i live in a place that has more clams then just about anywhere (rhode island),i just dont know?and i do love clams too,casino,raw ,bakes,boils,pasta,even clam cakes,just not in my beer.

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                  i hear ya,and how bout oyster shooters,ok now were gonna get moved to the liqour boards!!!

            2. I see it in the stores here and lots of store banners for it. Just showed up a couple of months ago. (Tulsa, Oklahoma area). I haven't quite had the interest in trying it yet.

              1. I tasted a sample at a party, and it was easily one of the most disgusting things to pass my lips.

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                  Go to sites such as Beer Advocate or RateBeer and read the reviews on this stuff. Some of the comments had me laughing so hard I was in tears.

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                    Thank you for those sites. I hadn't been to either before and I got a pretty good laugh from the descriptions.

                2. I'm from Canada. I think bloody ceasars were invented here and 'clamato' juice took off quite a bit more here than in the US.
                  I think you guys are simply wierded out on the clam issue.
                  I've been drinking beer and clamato for as long as I've been drinking beer (well first it was with tomato juice, then improving with clamato). When others see this, they say "that's disgusting" until they try it...then they say "OK, not bad" (I will admit that simply tasting and liking it still doesn't make a true beer/clamato drinker, though).

                  Now, I wouldn't drink this all night, as it'll fill you up, but one or two are good, OR it really helps getting the beer past the throat on a severe hangover.

                  That said, I don't think it can be properly compared to a michelada. I would imagine that the wording can create product-appeal to the hispanic segment of beer drinkers.
                  I will give Anhauser-Busch credit on the flavoring, though, 'cause its pure clamato and beer.

                  And finally, I think that it will run as a oddity product until lack of sales forces its demise, or at least restricts its distribution to pocket areas.